What I Thought

*did not like **ok ***liked ****really liked *****loved it

  1. Heads You Win by Jeffery Archer *** fiction, 2 stories 1 family, destiny
  2. Alternate Side by Anna Quinden *** fiction, marriage, neighbors, change
  3. Stealth by Stuart Woods *** fiction, US and UK Intelligence, defectors
  4. Brewed Awakening by Cleo Coyle **** fiction, crime, amnesia, family ties
  5. Today We Go Home by Kelli Estes**** fiction, women serving in the military, Civil War and currently, PTSD, family
  6. Lost Hills by Lee Goldberg **** fiction, sheriff’s department, scandal, new homicide detective, horrific murder site,
  7. Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict***historical fiction, Churchill’s wife, marriage, politics, partnership, children