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Wednesday, writing whatever…


Sunday morning when I looked out the door
this is what I saw on my balcony.


It’s a redtail hawk.
They often perch on the railing.
Usually, as soon as they see me at the door they fly away.
But not this guy.


He stayed where he was and watched me watching him.hawk3It was quite a surprise to see that he didn’t take off when I got closer.hawk5He seemed to wonder
who I was and what I was doing.ย hawk6He even stayed around when Teddy and Jack walked up to the door.
It was like he was being entertained by me and the cats here at Patricia’s Place.hawk1Then I guess he got bored with us
and started looking around for something more interesting.
And off he went.

It was a wonderful gift
being visited and inspected
by that beautiful hawk.

I know these aren’t the best pictures but
I wanted to share my gift with you.



20 thoughts on “Wednesday, writing whatever…

  1. WOW, that would have surely excited me too.
    Once in a while I’ll see one in the Park, and stop to take in how majestic they are. They’re so homely, they’re beautiful. JOLIE LAIDE, I guess would be appropriate here though usually applies to a woman

    1. We have a lot of hawks, mostly redtails which is a wonder because they are endangered species. I love to watch them soaring…they look majestic and like they own the sky and having fun.

    1. We have a few hawks and lots of pigeons but the city has been cutting down trees in this neighborhood so the variety is less and fewer birds. Also, squirrels, raccoons, and opossum are becoming scarce. Sad!

  2. Oh how exciting. We have a Sparrow Hawk that visits us now and then. All the birds disappear when he/she shows up too.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Patricia. โ™ฅ

    1. I see the hawks soaring early mornings and mid-afternoon but they rarely perch near the building let alone on the balcony railing. When they do visit the balcony they don’t stay long and if they see any movement at all they take off. This was a rare visit.

  3. Hi Patricia. I havenโ€™t posted on my blog in a very long time. I received your post via email and read it and saw your wonderful photos of a Red-tailed Hawk. What a blessing to have that photo opportunity. I truly enjoyed seeing the photos and reading your post. Blessings to you, Patricia.

    1. Hey, Carol Ann, So good to see you.Thanks for letting me know about your visit! Are you still traveling in the RV? Whatever you are up to I hope you and your hubby are doing well and enjoying life.

    1. Claude was a rare bird but a smart one! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of him. We are blessed when wildlife lets us have a look at their life for a few minutes. We have quite a redtail hawks and a few marsh hawks. The marsh hawks are really big. When they sit on the railing then take off it is amazing to see their wingspan.

      1. They are quite magnificent aren’t they. We have sparrowhawks and kestrels visit the garden, but try to detract them from the smaller birds, which are equally as precious and wonderful.

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