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Monday, musings…

“It’s not reality that makes us feel stuck;
it’s the lens we use to view the world.”
Tonya Dalton

Image by FPHayes from Pixabay

Often we look out the window and the reality we see is discouraging.  The world is filled with crime and war, poverty and homeless people, a natural environment that is deteriorating, and the eradication of people groups and wildlife.  It can be so depressing that we just want to give up and abandon hope for a better world.

But there is another reality.   One where there is a world of people working to prevent crime and stop wars, helping others overcome obstacles to a good life, working to save the natural world, teaching tolerance and understanding of those who are different than us, protecting animals from the threat of extinction.

There is more than one way to experience life.
More than one way to see the world.
There is more than one reality.
There is hope.

Whose lens do you want to share when you look at the world?

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19 thoughts on “Monday, musings…

  1. I loved this. It has such balance, how you gave both sides, allowing us to choose. The positive always out weighs the negative when it’s so poignantly explained. Your rock!!!

    1. The positive does float past the stony negative. Sadly, some let the negative drown them not allowing the positive lift them above the troubles of the world and life.

  2. There are good hard-working and caring people in this world. And there is nature to behold and all her beautiful creatures! That’s reality to me. Unfortunately, there is the other side of life, which we must be aware of to protect ourselves and others.

    Like, Sadje, I avoid the news.

    1. I see the beauty of the people and nature in this world, too. Sometimes after reading the paper, I wonder why it is mostly ugly news that gets printed. Why does the bad seem to sell better than the good?

    2. I do too. It doesn’t do anything for me but make my heart pound harder that it already is. I have enough madness to behold living in New York where humanity presently seems at its worse, but then you stroll in the Park and watch the squirrels and birds going about their business and faith that’s doing the hula is somewhat restored.

    1. The news can be depressing but I do try to keep up with what’s going on. I have to admit that a lot of what is called news I don’t understand or it confuses me…especially politics.

  3. My kitties always liked being in the windows. Wonderful memory.

    Perception is a wondrous thing.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Patricia. ♥

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