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Wednesday, writing whatever…

I didn’t write Monday, musings… because I was in a terrible mood since Sunday. So I decided to spare you. I wasn’t going to write today because things weren’t much better for most of the day.  That means I was an ugly, grumbling, complaining, horrible bitch for four days!  Not my usual self for sure.

Image by Jennifer Moore from Pixabay

I seem to have gotten back to my normal self but I am now in no mood to write.  That ever happen to you?  I am going to take a bath and go to bed.  I can’t stand being outta sorts!

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day!


17 thoughts on “Wednesday, writing whatever…

  1. I don’t mind telling you, I’ve checked every day to see if you put MM’s up. You know how much I enjoy reading it. And I totally understand a mood swing since, I’ve been having them too chanting,,,this too shall pass.
    I find not following the news helps, since the media goes out of its way to scare us. Toss in the Dog and Pony show in Washington and you wonder what planet we live now. Sensitive people, like you and me, can’t help but be affected by all of it.
    I still want to be the change we not only want, but need to see.
    I’m so glad you’re feeling better….this too shall pass.

    1. It did pass. Hurray! I don’t know why I got so upset over some stupid unimportant stuff. It had nothing to do with the news or Washington or anything outside of my little world. Doesn’t happen to me often but when it does it’s over the top and rarely for more than a day. Today was a good day and all is well in my world once again. Thanks for understanding the nasty mood.

      1. Nasty and you don’t go together in my humble estimation. May we reduce it to vapors you suffered for a brief spell. I have them right now trying to fight what is. Acceptance with gratitude at her side is the answer to most things, yet I still struggle. I’m glad you feel better. You’re such a special person Patricia, so obvious even from afar. 🙂

        1. The struggles we face make us stronger and better able to tackle the next. They also give us understanding and compassion to help others who struggle. I know that you have learned this lesson which is part of grateful acceptance because of the encouragement you give me and so many others. I am praying that your vapors are blown away and are replaced with sweet wisps of love in the air.

    1. Others may experience this nasty mood thing but I am glad I didn’t have to share my mood with anyone other than the cats and they took it in stride. All is well in my world again.😺

  2. It happens to all of for sure. Sometimes you know why and other times you don’t. I’m glad you’re on the backside of feeling out of sorts.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

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