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Monday, musings…

“Never let the things you want
make you forget the things you have.”
Sanchita Pandey


I know at times I am guilty of being so hung up on what I want that I don’t see what I have.  And I have a lot. Much more than I need!  Last year I did some decluttering that resulted in three trips to Goodwill. In a pickup truck!

There are things I kept. Some are family things that are important to me. They don’t have great monetary value but the memories attached to them are priceless. Then there are the things I think I might need.  The fact that I haven’t used them or even looked at them for ages doesn’t seem to matter.

I am planning on doing another declutter this Spring or Summer. My office closet is ridiculous! Overflowing with pens and markers and pencils. There is also a pile of journal-type books that will never be used. It just needs to be decluttered! Last year when I went through my files I threw away papers that were useless.  Warranties and receipts and user manuals of things that I no longer have. I had tax returns going back to 1965! Now I only have the last five years.  The mass of shredding I did ended the life of my shredder and it got tossed.

Speaking of old tax returns…as I was going through them to take the staples and paper clips off them it was fun to look at them. Surprising how little money I made and I never went without anything I needed. Which brings us back to the quote. There were always things I wanted (and a lot of them I got) but didn’t need them.  There are still things I think about having but they are not true wants just stuff to daydream about.

I am happier with less stuff.
Of course, I will never ever get rid of the
teddy bear Pa gave me the day I was born.
He’s my Guy!

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12 thoughts on “Monday, musings…

  1. I loved this being a Franciscan at heart. I’m always unloading. I love that you used a truck. That made me smile. I saw Teddy and Jack in coveralls and bandannas helping you.

    One thing I do pretty faithfully is, if I buy a sweater or a shirt, I get rid of one that hasn’t been worn a in a while. My friend Anna is the happy recipient quite often. If it’s something too tattered but still useful, yes…it goes to the Good Will, whose name I’ve always been humbled by. The quote is wonderful. Sorry I’m a day late. But as you know, love Monday Musings. You also remind me that gratitude for what we do have should never be forgotten.

    1. It was kind of a shock when I began the clutter project. Who knew that one person could have so much stuff! I don’t buy much in the clothing department now that I am retired. I am trying to not buy unless it’s something I need to replace. I have a closet and armoire full of things I rarely, if ever, wear anymore. I guess I should give some of it away but I keep thinking I might just need it.Silly.🐈

      1. My rule is…if you look at something, anything, a book, a slip, a plate, and have no feeling for it, then it goes to someone else who will. We do need so little, it’s true. Saint Francis knew what he was talkin about. 🙂

  2. We all have stuff we never use or think about. We all have things we don’t need, but want. I hear you. There is a huge difference between need and want.

    I too recently look at some pay stubs and wondered how I survived on so little money. I did though.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Patricia. ♥

    1. It is interesting that we think we need stuff that really isn’t needed just wanted. I am thankful that I have always had what I needed. Sometimes it was the bare minimum but always enough.

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