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  1. I wish I saw this when you posted it. It would have made my Christmas Day. It was quiet and a bit solemn but gratitude in abundance, was in the house. If nothing else, this trying time has put many things, blessings included, into prospective. All that’s familiar has been taken away reminding us, that life is not a dress rehearsal. So happy you’re back. Your most ardent fan ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. All the days here are pretty quiet. I did miss the condo Christmas party which surprised me because in the past I was something of a grinch about it. Maybe there will be one this year. You are right that with trying times comes the need to remember the blessings. In some ways, this time of “distancing” is a blessing giving us time to reflect and find our truth.

    1. Life has been marching on without any big problems. I never thought I would be out of touch for so long but I am planning on getting back to regular writing in January.

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