14 thoughts on “Hey Y’all

    1. Thanks. Just wanted a bit of a change here. But I must admit that the changes to WP have me a bit frazzled. This ditzy brain is also a bit foggy.

    1. So good to “see” you, Susannah! Thank you for the prayers. All is well here. The cats and I are fat and happy. Hoping to change the fat part in the coming weeks. I have been reading blogs from time to time but not commenting but that will change now as I get back into a routine.

      1. It’s all good. If nothing else during this unbelievable time, we’ve learned what’s truly important. I miss Teddy and his brother, but mostly you and your wonderful, spare, inspiring posts. You’re the reason I’ve sliced, or at least have tried, my pieces down since, short and sweet with heart is the way to go. You are so awe-inspiring to me Patricia, as well as to others who I know I can speak for. Sincerely, Susannah 🙂

        1. Awe-inspiring? Me? I don’t know what to say. Thank you seems kinda weak. Anyway, thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

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