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Thursday thoughts…

“What we see depends mainly
on what we look for.”
John Lubbock

Whatever we are looking for we need to understand that how we look at it will probably determine what we think of it. If we see something we think is pretty we will like it but if we think it is ugly we won’t. If someone agrees with what we say we think they are wise if they don’t we think they aren’t. This is especially true when it comes to politics. Your party is right the other is wrong. Your candidate is perfect theirs is not.

We need to remember that there is more to words and actions then what we see. It is important to take some time and think before we judge others. It is important to listen, really listen with intent, before we speak. And when we have something to say to consider our words before we voice them and our actions before we move in any direction.

Today we have a new President. You may or may not like who he is or what his thoughts and plans are for the future. But remember if we only look for what we won’t like and don’t look at what is actually happening we may miss what needs to be seen and heard be it good or bad.

Those are my thoughts. What do you think?

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18 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts…

    1. Listening and thinking requires some quiet and patience. Both are often in short supply when strong opinions want to be broadcast. Hopefully, calm conversations will prevail.

  1. As usual your words hit all the high notes, and yes, our new President needs the whole country’s support after what’s it been through with so many people lost from this what feels like, a Biblical disease. And to open one’s heart to each other, to agree to disagree and choose peace over strife, as we start afresh. Your thoughts are so lovely…always. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Susannah. You are so right, we need to open our hearts…and minds, and learn from the past, release it, and move forward into the possibilities of the future.

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