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Thursday, thoughts…

One reason that cats are happier than people
is that they have no newspapers.
Gwendolyn Brooks

Teddy Smiling
Jack Laughing

My happy cats.

Teddy and Jack have no interest in the newspaper. Actually, they really don’t like the newspaper. I don’t pay attention to them when I am reading the paper and doing the daily puzzles. That doesn’t exactly make them happy. And they are very good at getting my attention. Jack meows loudly and taps my legs without stop. Teddy pushes at the paper until he is in my lap and laying on the paper.

It doesn’t take long for me to stop the newspaper nonsense and pay attention to them giving them scratches and chin rubs and sweet talking them. When they are satisfied that I understand what’s important they happily go off for morning naps.

I think what makes them happy isn’t that they don’t have newspapers but that they can use the newspaper to make me remember what’s really important in the world and why Patricia’s Place is a happy place no matter what the news reports have to say. And truthfully, if it wasn’t for the puzzles, the news ain’t all that great and most days could really get me down if not for my catkids.

30 thoughts on “Thursday, thoughts…

  1. I so loved this. From the pictures into prose. Cats want attention, only when it suits them, and Jack and Teddy are typical men. They’re particularly aroused when ignored. Now if they were the ones doing that puzzle…well, it would be a whole different tail. So funny Patricia. I’m still giggling.

    1. They are typical men…in the morning I put the clothes I am going to wear on the bed then take a shower…when I go back to the bedroom to get dressed Jack is wrapped in my bra and Teddy is in my pants. ;-}

    1. It is a blessing those times when yesterday and tomorrow seem not to matter. But life has many moments and all are a wonder of one kind or another.

  2. When Dad used to read a paper we would always push on it and lay on it if he gave us a chance. Cats are love and family and warmth. Papers are bad things presented exaggeration to make them worse. Wonder why Dad put the paper down for good.

    1. Cats are family and warmth. It wouldn’t be home without them. Papers do tend to only report the bad stuff and often make it worse but I still get the paper. I could read it online but it’s just not the same.

  3. I’m thinking I miss my kitty. He passed in 2012 with polycystic kidney disease. Very sad for me at that time. Someday I may find another kitty. Teddy and Jack are blessed to have you. I know they are a blessing to you, too. Amen to limiting your news exposure. So do we.

    1. I live alone and it would be pretty lonely and certainly less warm and cozy without the catkids. I can’t imagine living without one or two wandering around the place.

  4. We don’t bother with the newspaper anymore. We used to subscribe to the Sunday paper and our cat, Callie, decided it was nice to lay on or she would shred it into pieces. Callie rules the roost, indeed, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. We manage our apartment, and have 4 owners – Lindy Hopp, Thumper, Moustacha (mouse-tash-ah) she has a half a mustache on her upper lip, and Motley. They help us realize when we are too focused on our own things. Sometimes that thing is sleep, but they’re getting better at letting us rest lately. I wonder what they are plotting?

    1. Four is quite a clowder for an apartment! I don’t think I am a motivated enough housekeeper to have more than 2 cats. And there is just enough room for the three of us in bed.

  6. They are far more important than the newspaper and many other things. Nice reminder.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitties. β™₯

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