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Monday musings…

Perhaps the most radical act of resistance
in the face of adversity is to live joyfully.
Ari Honarvar

How we handle adversity says a lot about who and what we are. Life is not always easy or pleasant. Bad, even horrible things sometimes happen. There are times and events that happen that hurt deeply and leave scars that will remind us of the trials and sorrows forever. What we do and don’t do during and after the hurt determines how we live, how we continue our journey.

When we live joyfully, the less than perfect circumstances and situations that we face are not as bad as they could be. Joy is not the same as happiness. Happiness comes and goes. Yes, it feels so good when we are in that moment. But that moment is just that, a brief time of feeling special and good and well and happy, it isn’t lasting. Oh, there are fond memories of happiness and it is good to remember those times and happenings. Without the memories of happiness life would be small and trivial.

But joy is not dependent on what is or is not happening. It is a state of being that resides in the heart. It is a warmth that cannot be cooled by the day to day business of life. It is a strength that cannot be weakened by an adversary no matter how big or threatening. It is a knowing that doesn’t allow lies or false beliefs to become truth.

Joy is within all of us. It is not loud and bossy fighting to be felt or heard. It waits for us to acknowledge it, to welcome it, to be thankful, and allow it to do its work in us. Once we begin joyfully living no one can take it away from us. There are those who will try to take it away, even the devil will try. But once we claim that joy it’s ours forever.

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22 thoughts on “Monday musings…

  1. The picture goes so well with your blog post. I have found in recent experience the validity of joy and peace in the Lord is a choice. It isn’t all smiles and giggles when it shows up, but it is being obedient to choose it. Today I had to choose it after recovering from a comment made to me.

    I’ve been reading Eph4-6, as well as the daily lectionary readings. One is to get a grip on relationships per God’s instructions in my life, the latter is to keep connected with what a majority of global disciples are reading and dwelling on. It is amazing to consider that Love is something you do.

    1. Love is something you do! Sometimes it takes hard work, we don’t always find it easy to do, and it isn’t always appreciated. But it is always rewarded, though not always right away.

  2. This is a wonderful post, Patricia, and exactly what I needed today. I did the same as Sandee and I feel more relaxed and at peace with myself. Life is too short to be concerned with that which is not within our control.

  3. Boy, did this hit home. The beginning when you mention trials. My hearing loss is my cross to bear, yet I’ve learned to still be peaceful within the parameters of a disability. For me, peace is joy., and yes, it takes strength and vigilance not to let anyone steal it from you. When my heart’s at rest, and know despite my challenges, I’m still so beautifully blessed, that’s joy at her best.

    1. Yes, we all have a cross of some kind to bear. We can let that cross drag us down or use it to build muscle and perseverance. Recognizing and acknowledging that you are blessed is a benefit of joy for sure.

  4. Getting though 2020 and now 2021 could steal your joy and many have had it taken. I got rid of social media, the news, Hollywood and politicians. In fact if you want to talk politics go somewhere else. I’ve had a joy filled last year and intend to have the same this year.

    Have a fabulous day and week filled with joy. ♥

    1. I too am not a fan of social media and try to limit the news I watch since it’s more sensational than anything else. All that election, stolen, not stolen, while people are sick and essential workers putting themselves on the line just made me sick. Priorities….Peace, good will, helping your neighbor should trump all else. Patricia hit it out of the Park with this essay. 🙂

    2. I’m with you, Sandee, I don’t have TV service other than Netflix and no radio. The only “social” I do on the computer is WP. I don’t understand politics, it’s confusing and frustrating trying to make sense of it. I do get the newspaper. I scan the headlines, sometimes the editorials. I read the comics, Ann Landers, and do the puzzles. Someone asked me how would I know if something important or awful happened. I said if anything like that should happen he could let me know. So far I haven’t heard from him. Life is meant to be lived not worried over. Here’s to another year of joy!

  5. Oh wow, Patricia this is the first time I’ve read the distinction between joy and happiness so clearly and succinctly writing. Thanks 🙏

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