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Thursday thoughts…

Some tortures are physical
And some are mental
But the one that is both
Is dental
Ogden Nash

Yesterday I went to the dentist. Time for the 6 month check up and cleaning.
There was a time when the Ogden Nash quote was true for me. A dental appointment was something that sometimes made physically ill. When it was a couple of days before an appointment I would begin to worry and imagine how awful it was going to be even if was just cleaning and check up. Sometimes I would cancel the appointment because I made myself sick thinking about it. My stomach would rumble and my head would ache and I had trouble sleeping.

I think my problems started early on. My parents didn’t take us to the dentist unless they could see a cavity and it hurt so bad that even the numbing cream they would smear on our gums didn’t work. And of course, we never went for preventive treatment so, there was always a filling or extraction needed. Add to the fact there was much pain I don’t think the dentist we went to liked kids. He would complain and was anything but understanding or in any way gentle. But maybe I just remember him that way because it was such a painful experience for me.

Even as an adult I had a hard time thinking about going to the the dentist. When I decided I needed a new dentist I went shopping for one. I went for a check up and interviewed three dentists. I picked one and he has been my dentist for 27 years! Do I need to say more?

Well, I will say more. I was one of his first patients. He is kind and thoughtful and does great work. He has done some extensive work on my teeth. Some of it was making what other dentists did look better and some was needed because of poor dental care in the past. Of course, there have been things that popped up over the years…root canals, crowns, fillings. Today he found a cavity. First I have had in a few years! It’s in a tooth that had a root canal and crown done a long time ago and now has a cavity along the gum line. Bummer.

I don’t worry before an appointment anymore. I know all will be fine.
I am ever so thankful I have a wonderful dentist, Tom.
Oh, and I have told him he cannot retire until I’m dead!

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28 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts…

  1. I’ve always had issues with my teeth. They were pretty and white but soft. I been to many dentists through the years – some good and some bad. My favorite dentist was when I lived in Florida. I had a total make over of my top teeth. She was very gentle and consoling and her work is remarkable. You are so right, Patricia, prevention is the best medicine.

  2. Self care is a full time job with advantages. That’s how I look at it. My mother took me to see Dr, Nosel who was always late. You’d wait 2 hours for him but she’d insist, no one was as good and so worth waiting for. I guess he was since, I’ve had minimal issues as an adult, but wear and tear does occur. I’m so glad you’re no longer fearful and that he can’t retire until you do. 🙂

    1. Your mother was right. I had a GYN that I always had to wait around an hour to see. It was worth the wait. She never hurried, made sure I understood everything she said, and answered every question. She retired early, in her 50’s several years ago. 😿My dentist is now in his 50’s. He better not think about early retirement.😾

  3. My dad was a dentist, so I wasn’t afraid to go to him.

    I had real pain yesterday in the dentist’s chair. The hygienist was doing her usual fantastic job of cleaning my teeth quickly. Without warning, my right leg went into a spasm. She noticed, because I stretched it, dangled it off the chair, and waved it in the air. She offered to stop and let me stand up, but I didn’t want to delay her and make other patients wait. I made it through without clenching my teeth!

    1. That would be scary for both of you. Have you had these spasms before? I am not sure I would have worried much about other patients if I was having a problem.

      1. I get leg spasms occasionally, usually in bed. Having it happen at the dentist’s office was unexpected. I would have stopped a person with a drill in her hand!

  4. I didn’t go to a dentist until I was an adult and the first experience was awful. I’ve a wonderful dentist now. I call him Doctor Painless. It sure makes a difference to have a great dentist.

    Have a fabulous day, Patricia. ♥

  5. I needed braces as a child. I’m fortunate my father could pay for them and he did, but it was a torturous ordeal for me. I brush my teeth three or four times a day since my childhood hoping to prevent cavities and thus avoid dental work. I’m glad you found a dentist you trust. About six years ago I needed a crown. I could not avoid it. I had broken a tooth and it was jagged. I was afraid, but it turned out to be groundless fear. The dentist was gentle, skillful, and thoughtful and the crown is still serving me well.

  6. My first venture to a dentist was around age 6 or so. He said I have soft teeth and I had oodles of cavities. I went for 4 consecutive Saturdays to get them all fixed but he was a kind man. I’ve had a lot of work done in my mouth. I have more money in my mouth than just about anywhere else. I’ve had some good dentists and I like the guy I have now. They are just all so dang expensive.

    1. Like you, I have spent a lot of money having dental work done. Now that I have a really good dentist I spend less because he is conservative and gets things taken care of before they become major problems. But it is still expensive.

  7. I had bad experiences with the dentist as a child. he seemed intent on me having false teeth before I was 12 as every visit resulted in extractions. I told him to shove it. Mum was stunned.
    It’s not so bad now. We had a lovely dentist who understood and gave me gallons of anesthetic f I needed it. Sadly he went private and we were assigned to someone else. She was lovely, then Covid hit. At 35 miles away, it was too far, and we have recently signed on with someone 15 miles away. All was good, but that was only one check up. Hubby had a filling and didn’t feel a thing.

    1. It is sad and demoralizing when childhood experiences with any adult are difficult. Especially so when it is someone who supposed to be helping you. Glad you found a dentist that you like to replace the one no longer available to you. It is so important to be comfortable with doctors of any kind.

    1. I rarely went to the dentist as a child, as an adult, I go twice a year. If anything needs to be done it usually is easily taken care of. Prevention is the best medicine.

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