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Monday musings…

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

Friday I went to get my COVID vaccine. I had an appointment but I expected to have to wait and had accepted that fact. The articles in the paper made it sound like getting the vaccine was unpleasant and took hours. Wrong!

I walked in to the building, followed the signs, and checked in. No lines. A woman asked me a couple of questions, I signed a paper and was told to see the man in a blue jacket. He told me to please sit in chair #5. I walked over to the chair and before I could sit down he came over and said someone was ready to see me. He showed me over to a table and introduced me to the nurse. She asked a few questions, gave me the shot and a card noting the day and time and what the injection was. Then she told me I could make an appointment for the second vaccination at another table. I went there and made the appointment and was told to go to the back of the room and sit for 20 minutes and if I felt okay and wasn’t having any side affects I could go. I left in 20 minutes feeling fine.

I was there less than an hour, maybe in part because I filled out the paperwork on line the day I made the appointment. But the best part was the people. Everyone I interacted with was smiling and friendly and they seemed to be genuinely happy to see me. They took their time. They answered questions. I never felt rushed or that I was just a thing they had to take care of and be done with. All the clerks, aides, and nurses were happy people and that made me a happier person.

Maya Angelou was right.
I will always remember the people at the site
and how happy they were and how that made me feel;
happy to be there and to be me.

16 thoughts on “Monday musings…

  1. I am glad your vaccine shot experience was a pleasant one, Patricia. Thank you for sharing because this helps others feel more at ease about getting their shot.

    1. Thank you, Eugenia. I wasn’t afraid to get it but I do get anxious if I have to wait in strange places with people I don’t know. Of course, it is never as bad as I expect it to be and with age and experience has come some relief from anxiety.

  2. First off, I love Maya Angelou. I don’t think anyone said as many great things as she.

    I too had your experience. When I went, I was a wreck. I doing the right thing? Is it poison? I never have even had a flu shot, yet I went that little voice saying…this time you must.

    They were so kind and patient. The woman giving me the shot smiled the whole time, and said, you’ll be fine, and I was. My arm was lightly sore for a day, but it was nothing like I imagined. I then learned, they were all volunteers. Boy, did that humble me.

    I love that you wrote about this since, we all can relate. I have my second one coming up. Let me end by saying, it’s hard to be brave when feeling fear. Faith, they say, is fear that’s said its prayers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It took me a while to decide to get the vaccine, too. But since I have never had an adverse reaction to a vaccine I went ahead and got it. I have had bad reactions to three antibiotics. If I am told I need one now I will have to be talked into it.

      ” Faith, they say, is fear thatโ€™s said its prayers. “๐Ÿ™‚ I like that. Prayer does solve a lot of problems. Maybe not as quickly as I want but always at the right time.

      1. It’s a honed skill, having faith. I slip sometimes but get back up taking it with me. I’m glad you’re okay. It’s a daunting time for sure. Love the way you write. Have I told you lately? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes, it was wonderful. One of those times that will always be remembered. Especially when life seems hard and tired it will lift my spirits and I will remember life is good.

      1. Indeed. Itโ€™s often human nature to complain about things that are broken and to take what is good as our right. If we praised the good deeds more often then we wouldnโ€™t feel all this negativity

  3. Hubby had his jab a couple of weekends ago and everyone was very pleasant, professional and friendly. I’m due to have my first shot on March 6th and hope it will be as straightforward. We can;t make our second appointments though and have to wait to be notified.

    1. I was surprised that I could make an appointment while I was there. Maybe the problems that happened at the beginning have been ironed out and all will move along smoothly from now on.

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