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Monday musings…

Normal is in the eye of the beholder.
Whoopie Goldberg

Really, what is normal?
Your normal may be outrageous to me.
And what is normal to me may seem weird to you.

I know that that there are people who wonder about me. I am a bit different from most of the folks I know. Oh, I don’t howl at the moon or walk around naked, stand on street corners talking to myself or preaching strange doctrines. I am most often alone doing my thing…whatever that may be at any given time.

I have friends who are extroverts. In fact, most of my close friends are extroverts. They would go crazy if they spent as much time alone as I do. I am an introvert. If I don’t have my alone time I feel crazy anxious. And that ain’t a pretty sight. That’s not to say that there aren’t times when I want and need some time with people. It’s just not everyday.

When I am with the people I love and care about
I know they are normal and they know I am normal.
Our normal ways of being are just different.
Keeps life and friendship interesting.

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20 thoughts on “Monday musings…

  1. In case you don’t post Patricia, here wishing you, Teddy and Jack a very Happy Easter. I think, considering what it symbolizes…rebirth, hope, Spring comes no matter what, it should be celebrated by all. Your Fan

    1. Thank you, Susannah. Easter will be quiet here, but for sure celebrated! I hope you have a day of happiness and blessings.

    1. I often wonder why people find it so hard to believe or understand that there are different ways to be normal? I am happy whenever I find a kindred spirit.

  2. I’m no nine to fiver, that’s for sure. I too need lots of solitude to feel steady. Reading is a very singular sport, and those who know me think I read far too much, but that’s my normal. I took John Adams’s advice to his son, John Quincy, very seriously, You’re never alone with a poet in your pocket. Peace for me, is the new normal. πŸ™‚

    1. I understand the need for solitude. Even as a child, I needed time alone. That was something not understood, and I was sometimes made to feel that there was something wrong with me. As an adult, it matters less what other people think. Peace as normal is wonderful!

      1. So many people can’t be alone, and I always feel sorry about that. I too as a kid was perceived as a little odd and over sensitive, when there was really nothing wrong with me. I was self-possessed, even when I was little. Funny to think of it.

        1. I can’t say I was self-possessed as a kid. I so wanted to fit in. It took a long time for me to understand there is nothing wrong with me. I am just me, and that’s okay.

  3. I’m anything but normal. I’m okay with that too. I’m more of an extrovert, but becoming more of a hermit as I get older.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Patricia. β™₯

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