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Thursday thoughts…

Each Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Okay, so today is Friday and I am posting as if was Thursday. Why? Because I am a procrastinator and I kept telling myself yesterday that I would get the post written later. Of course, later never came and now today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Not only is this a day late, but today, like yesterday, I still am empty-headed as to what to write. So, today I am going forget about yesterday and look forward to doing some writing tomorrow.

Well, not tomorrow.
Monday, I will do some musing, I think.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts…

  1. First of all Madam, the last thing you are is empty-headed. I look forward to your pieces always coming away feeling lighter and clearer, no easy feat. I’ve said this many times, but one of your true talents is your economy of words…how much you say using so few. You’ve made me edit everything I write, and still I come off bloviating, but happily less so thanks to your example.

    I have a magnet on my fridge…Today Is The Tomorrow, You Worried About Yesterday.

    Here’s to many more thoughts and musings any old day of the week.

    Right Teddy? Right Jack?

    What’s that ya say? Mama rocks?


    1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I had to look up the word bloviating, and I must say you never sound pompous! I think you express yourself openly and in an engaging manner.
      I have a cross-stitch that I did years ago that has the same saying about worry, and it adds one more line, “And all is well.” I have found it to be true.

      1. That word was coined by President Warren Harding during a speech he gave. It made its way into the English language. It has such an obnoxious flavor, but then again, that’s its point.

        You are a wonderful writer. Don’t even think otherwise. 🙂

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