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Thursday thoughts…

The weather is the weather.
You have to deal with whatever is out there.
Matt Cassel

Yesterday it rained all day. Not a nasty kind of rain, a nice rain. It was cool, but with no wind, just lots of low grey clouds and rain. It was a good day for looking out the window and daydreaming. I didn’t complain about the weather. Really, what good would that do other than to make me cranky?

And for some unknown reason it made me want to get something off my to-do list. So, that’s what I did. I went through piles of papers that needed to be sorted. Some papers were trash and to the trash they went. But there were a lot of papers that need to be kept and they got filed. I really don’t know why most of them must be kept, but I have been told to keep them and so I do. Anyway, that meant the files needed to be sorted through. And I did it! The “clean up papers and files” on the to-do list is done and scratched off. You know that feels good!

But back to the weather. Weather is what it is. No point in complaining about it. Last summer I complained everyday about the heat and humidity. Did it change anything? No. Well, it did change my usual easy going happy self into someone I didn’t like. Most of the summer was miserable, not because of the weather but because of my attitude. So, I have decided that like my files, my attitude will be clean and neat, with the worthless thrown out and the needed stuff kept. I may need a reminder of this in July and August.

If I write negatively,
someone should send a comment reminding me
of what I have written today.

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16 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts…

  1. Last summer was awful, and I complained…a lot! It didn’t change the weather, and didn’t help my mood. It’s okay to vent as long as once it’s done, it’s done! Spring here was fine, but we are being told that summer will be like last year. I think it will take some discipline to stay a nice pleasant person.

  2. When it comes to the weather it isn’t complaining, it’s just the truth. Too bad there are people who can tell us what it’s gonna be like tomorrow and the following days. Our weather guessers get it wrong on the same day here!

    1. No point in complaining about a truth you can’t change. I have a weather app on my phone that is right most of the time. I look at it every night, when I am thinking about the next day, and then in the morning, so I know the best time to take my walk and do errands.

    1. A little turbulence is okay. However, I tend to be either calm or in a storm. Fortunately, my storms are pretty rare and short-lived. I am happy that you find my writing uplifting. That is my aim when I write here. I used to have a journal where I kept the uglies, but that just made them linger, so I trashed it.

      1. Writing how you feel is good. You get rid of it all, like taking out the trash. My moods being a Cancerian woman are like the tides. Ebb and flow…oh no! But you know what they say, one that can be sad, knows what it’s like to be really happy. I’m bettin’ it’s the same with you. Right Jack? And I love your writing. It’s one of 3 blogs I read. 🙂

  3. It’s very hard not to complain about the weather especially this year. With the many restrictions, bright sunny days are much needed. However, as you say, it won’t do a bit of good because it won’t change it. We are finally going into a long stretch of warm sunny days (hopefully, they are often wrong). Our spring has been dreadful. Sunny days are very windy and calm days are either cold or rainy. I worry that one day a switch will flip and it will be 90 and humid steady for 4 months. I’ll adjust but once in a while I like to vent.

    1. Hey, Kate, I replied to your comment, but somehow it ended up at the top of the comments instead of here. I am too lazy to rewrite it, and it won’t let me move it here, so scroll up, please.🐱

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