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Monday musings…

I never put off until tomorrow
what I can do the day after.
Oscar Wilde

I always have a list of things to-do. Some things like dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, doing laundry, cleaning the litter box…stuff like that always get done every week. Everything on the weekly list is scratched off and the list thrown away. I always make a new list every week because it feels so good to draw a line through the things on the list and throw it away. Ta-da! Done!

Then there is the list of things that need to be done but I don’t like doing them. Like cleaning the floors and rugs. That is a bother because all the furniture needs to be moved and when the cleaning is done it all has to be put back. I think about this chore quite a while before it gets done. But not as long as I think about taking curtains and blinds down to clean them because when that gets done then the windows need to be washed. Can’t put clean stuff on dirty windows. You know that, right? And there is the need to clean kitchen cabinets and the pantry closet. Oh, and let’s not forget all the other other closets. Do I need to add that it takes me some time to start these sort of things? There are other things for this list but I don’t want to think about them.

Now to the reason Monday Musings is being posted in the evening instead of the morning. It’s because last night while thinking about what to write, which is a challenge and takes energy, I fell asleep. Then today, I had to do laundry, and other stuff, then I got on the computer and you know how that is…lost in internet land. That got wearisome, so I went for a walk and that made me hungry so I had to eat. And now, here I am typing away to get this done while it is still Monday.

I have always been something of a procrastinator but I am beginning to develop it as an intellectual art form. This takes a lot of thinking and pondering and wondering and considering…you get the drift. And as to the drift; that often leads to a nap. It is very challenging being intellectual, it takes a lot of energy and can be quite tiring.

It seems I am a bit like Oscar Wilde.
But it is still Monday where I live.

13 thoughts on “Monday musings…

  1. You wear me out just reading this post! I felt the same as you, but then I decided to quit beating myself up and because I am able to do so I hire people to do those things I don’t want to do so I can use my time doing things I like to do.

    1. Well, I guess I could hire someone to do the work I don’t like to do. But then what would I have to complain about?

  2. It took me longer to make lists then to do the chores so no more lists for me. It seems your blog is one of those that WP unfollowed for me. One of my other bloggers, I have to re-follow his blog every few days. So, I will keep your blog on my radar like I do a few others. 😉

    1. The unfollow thing has happened to me, too. Sometimes it takes me a while to realize it, especially if they don’t follow me.
      As for lists…helps me to have them, but I am not all that attentive to them.😼

  3. I used to make lists and if I didn’t accomplish what I put on it, I’d berate myself. So now, no more lists. Instead I give myself the whole week to do what I think needs to be done. That tweak has helped more than I can say.

    I love the simplicity and candor of what you wrote. 🙂

    1. I tried the no-list thing, but then nothing got done! I think everyone has to find what works best for them. I was much better at getting things done when I worked. Retirement is very relaxing😼

    1. That never happens, and I am okay with it. I agree with what my mother used to say, ” things only need to be clean enough to be healthy.”

    1. I am not any good at what you are pretty good at. Maybe I should put some effort into putting off procrastinating. I’ll think about it tomorrow.😼

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