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Monday musings…

“You can be happy, or you can be unhappy.
It’s just according to how you look at things.”
Walt Disney

Not every moment is a happy one. Sometimes stuff happens that makes us unhappy. Life is never, or very rarely, perfect. That’s the way life is. It is good or bad, and most of the time, it is just okay.

I am pretty satisfied with okay. In fact, to me, okay is pretty good and much better than bad. When things are okay, I am happy. Life is usually good, so I am not often unhappy.

Sadly, I have an unhappy friend. In all the years I have known her, I have never heard her laugh. Never! She does occasionally smile, and sometimes she has something positive to say, not often but sometimes.

Admittedly, she has had some hard times and disappointments, but that is the way it is for all of us. It is up to us to come to terms with the bad and sad. If it means asking for help, do it. If it means forgiving what seems unforgivable, do it…as often as needed.

Asking for help from friends or seeing a therapist is not a weakness. It takes strength and courage to be open and honest about troubles and pain. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, but it does mean letting go. Letting go of the bad memories. Letting go of the hopes and wishes that were part of the dreams that didn’t come true. Letting go of those that caused pain and grief.

I have talked to my friend about these things. She says I don’t understand because I have a good life and never had to face hardship. If she only knew what I am not telling her! Maybe someday, I will be able to be completely open with her. But I still have work to do before that can happen.

Life isn’t easy, but it is good.
As Mr. Disney said, it’s all in how you look at it.

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13 thoughts on “Monday musings…

  1. Perspective is indeed key. Some see only the bad and others search for the good. I like searching for the good.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Patricia. β™₯

    1. Searching for the good is sometimes required to get out of the bad and certainly worth the effort. Here’s to the hunters who seek the good.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡πŸ₯‚

    1. You are so right! We all have to walk our own path, but we are not alone on that path. We are here to help one another celebrating the victories and comforting in the defeats. Thank you for always being so encouraging.

  2. You’re absolutely right and was Walt Disney! It’s what we make of life. Everyone has had tough times and if we keep on holding on to those memories, the rest will be spoiled too.

    1. It takes some time to figure that out, but it is worth the effort. Life is meant to be lived to the best of our abilities.

    1. When I am in a not-so-good place, I spend some time with Teddy and Jack, and all is okay again. As a cat dad, I know you understand.

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