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Monday musings…

Things are far too serious
for us to lose our sense of humor!
Terry Patton

What I miss most since this pandemic thing came about is hearing people laugh. I haven’t heard anyone let go with a big belly laugh in ages. I have heard some little giggles and chuckles, but no belly laughs or guffaws. I miss my laughter. It’s hard to enjoy a good laugh when no one shares it.

And now, we are being told that there is more Covid virus on the way. We may be back to wearing masks, and again practicing social distancing all the time. That doesn’t bode well for laughter.

Yes, life is serious. There’s no denying that fact. And if you don’t have a sense of humor, life is going to be miserable. Find something to laugh about and share it with someone. Do it today.

I wonder if there will be toilet paper hoarding again?
That’s no laughing matter if you ask me.

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18 thoughts on “Monday musings…

    1. Laughter gives us a positive mental attitude and a positive mental attitude gives us laughter. They go skipping along, hand in hand.

  1. Love this photo. I totally agree with you Patricia that if we don’t have / use our sense of humor, life can become miserable.

    1. Sitcoms make me laugh, too. For some reason Zombie movies make me laugh. They are just so outrageous that even when they scare me I laugh at the absurdity of them.

  2. I laugh a lot. Always have and always will. You have to have a sense of humor.

    I linked that cute kitty to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week filled with laughter, Patricia. ♥

    1. Good for you! Laughter cures a lot of stuff that happens in life. Or at least makes it bearable. Thanks for doing the link.

  3. Hear Hear. I laugh at everything even when it seems in questionable taste. I don’t know where I’d be without my sense of humor.

    It’s the one thing money can’t buy.

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