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Thursday thoughts…

Other people’s opinion of you
does not have to become your reality.
Les Brown

Most people in our lives have ideas and expectations of who we are or who we think we should be. Most often, those who love and respect us see the potential for our success and happiness. They encourage us and help us find our way.

But there may be others who become stumbling blocks because they are trying to live through us. They want what we have and to be who we are. When we do things differently and follow the path we see, they may become argumentive and discouraging. They may tell us we are disappointing, that we don’t understand, that experience has taught them the right thing to do.

It is wise to listen to advice from many people and to listen to their opinions, taking the time to consider their views. We have one life to live, and we are to live it as who we are, not as someone else may want us to be. So, listen and think, ponder and wonder. If we are true to ourselves, we will do what we know is best for us and walk our path wherever it leads.

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13 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts…

  1. I’m happy with the skin I’m in and although there are those that I am impressed with I don’t want to be them. Well said.

    Have a fabulous day, Patricia. ♥

  2. This rang true for me. A saying I like…what you think of me is none of my business, therefore I must sail my own ship regardless of censor or criticism. The peanut gallery will forever stay in session so we just need to follow our truth even if it’s not understood or approved.

    As usual, you wrote this so well.

    1. I learned this the hard way…trying to be who/what others wanted me to be. Made for much unhappiness. Now I am me be it good, bad, or ugly. So much easier just being me!

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