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Monday musings…

What we have before us are some breathtaking
opportunities disguised as insoluble problems.
John W. Gardner

I like this quote, though I can’t relate to it personally. I have a pretty simple life, without much that is breathtaking or insoluble. Of course, I have problems. But my problems are routine sort of stuff, nothing that I haven’t been able to handle. The opportunities that came my way have never been breathtaking. I have had opportunities but nothing outstanding.

I had more problems when I was younger. I was often unwise in the choices and decisions I made. I tended to act without much thought, and I rarely asked for or took any advice. I admit that I sometimes paid a high price for my actions. But in time, I learned my lessons and became a bit wiser.

As for opportunities, some were good, some not so good, and some simply hard lessons learned. Nothing that came my way was breathtaking though a couple were heartbreaking. When I grew up and matured, I became more aware of the importance of thinking things through and considering other people’s advice. So, still nothing breathtaking but no longer anything heartbreaking.

As someone once said to me,
Life is good if you don’t weaken.

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14 thoughts on “Monday musings…

  1. This made me wistful in more ways than one. I at once heard Frank Sinatra croon…mistakes…I’ve made a few, but too few to mention.

    I wish that were the case with me since, my mistakes could resurrect Freud.

    Your writing on this is so lovely…humility braying between the lines.

    Like Soren Kierkegaard said…

    Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Thanks for penning this.

    Your ardent admirer…one of many.

    1. Frank was singing to sell records. Don’t be so hard on yourself! In real life, anyone who says they made mistakes but too few to mention is either a liar or just fooling themself. Love the Kierkegaard quote. It may show up one day in my musings or thoughts. 🤔

      1. I love quotes. Just read Anne Lamott’s on grace.
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        “I do not understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.”

  2. We get smarter as we age. Some of my choices have been wonderful and some not so much. I’m guessing we can all say that.

    I’ve always loved a great challenge.

    Have a fabulous day, Patricia. ♥

    1. I am not one for challenges. I think I had enough of them when I was a kid and am glad all that is history. I like my life now, slow, quiet, and comfortable.

  3. Breathtaking opportunities are not always what they are meant to be plus I feel things happen for a reason. IMO, you’ve done well in coming to terms with yourself. You are wise and have common sense so pat yourself on the back.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I agree that things sometimes happen for a reason and it’s up to us how we handle them. A lot of life is a mystery to me!

  4. This is a spot on analysis of how life works. Most opportunities come disguised as challenges and it’s up to us to make use of them or avoid them.

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