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Saturday snapshot…

Sophie had her surgery Tuesday.
She now has permanent birth control.

Tuesday night.
Still kinda out of it

And here she is 4 days later.
Looking and feeling pretty good.

22 thoughts on “Saturday snapshot…

    1. I feel better already. Mama took the collar off and told me I was good and didn’t chew the wound she wouldn’t put it back on. I picked some but didn’t chew 😻

    1. I don’t know if I could be happier*** I was already a super happy kitten. Recovery doesn’t seem like such a big deal***except this collar thing is a bother!

    1. Already feeling pretty good. Mama says the collar will probably come off Tuesday. I don’t know who Tuesday is but I know that will be a happy cat.

  1. Aw, she’s so cute. She’s going to feel good in no time. You did the right thing.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Patricia. Gentle scritches to Sophie. β™₯

    1. The collar is supposed to stay on 10 days. The incision is looking good so maybe the collar will come off early next week. We both hope so.

      1. Collars are a newer thing (relatively speaking). None of my cats had one after surgery. At the time, it wasn’t done. The vet gave me one for Morgan after she broke her leg but she didn’t go after her bandage so I took it off. I had one cat take out her own stitches after a spay. The vet wasn’t concerned. He said they sometimes do but it’s usually several days down the road so it doesn’t matter.

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