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1/4/22 Bloganuary

What was your favorite toy as a child?

My favorite toy was my teddy bear. He was given to me by my (gram)Pa the day I was born. I named him My Guy. I loved him! He slept with me until I was a teenager.

Every night I told him about my day. My Guy always listened and never judged. He never complained when I wet the bed…and him. He is almost bald because of all the hugs…and times in the washer. I could always count on him to comfort me. He sat on my dresser for years, then bald and falling apart, I put him in a box and put him in my closet where he still resides.

I have left instructions that he is to be buried with me.

Image by Pinuu from Pixabay 

12 thoughts on “1/4/22 Bloganuary

  1. I so love this Patricia. You made me think of Poop Head Smith, my Teddy Bear I so loved left on the Staten Island Ferry en route to visit my Aunt Tillie and Uncle Sam.

    I was heartbroken, My mother and aunt did everything possible to see if he was found. Now as I recall he wasn’t exactly in the best shape either, bald like My Guy, and even missing arm, so who would bring such a beat up bear to the Lost and Found.

    I was given another bear, but alas, he was no Poopie. Thanks for letting me remember him, so many years later. As an aside, I have 20 stuffed animals on my bed, perhaps in fond memory. never thought about it, till now

    . See what good prose does to a reader? Cracks open one’s heart like a big coconut. 🙂

    1. So sad about Poopie. It must have been traumatic. The memory of Poopie must be the reason you have so many stuffed animals on your bed now. How did you come up with his name?

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