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1/7/22 Bloganuary

What makes you laugh?

My cats make me laugh every day.
They are all comedians.

Teddy is set in his ways and quiet. He doesn’t like to be bothered or have anyone mess with him…cats or people. He is definitely the boss of the clowder. And other than me, he wants nothing to do with people.

Jack is laid back and likes to observe the world around him. He sort of follows Teddy’s behavior and ways, although he is more social and polite. But when he wants to eat he is a bit loud and bothersome until he is fed.

Sophie is a kitten. She loves to play with toys, especially balls. She and Jack are buddies and play together making a lot of noise. They run around chasing each other, wrestling, and screeching. She is still trying to make friends with Teddy but he just growls, hisses, and swats at her.

These catkids of mine are loved and spoiled.
And they are funny.
They always make me laugh.

Probably a good thing I didn’t have children.
They would most likely have been spoiled brats,
juvenile delinquents, and insufferable adults.

18 thoughts on “1/7/22 Bloganuary

  1. I agree with Anne. You would have laughed just as hard if you had traditional children. I myself prefer the 4-legged even though I love kids, in small doses that is.

    I’ve recently befriended a big, mama cat in a health food store I’ve been frequenting. At first she wouldn’t even let me pet her, but I didn’t give up. Each day when I go in to get my freshly squeezed juice, my new good, much too pricey, habit, I seek her out. Just yesterday, for the first time, let me stroke her back that produced such a smile.

    Laughter I’m hoping will be next. She’s the size of a football but quite feminine as well. Now that’s pretty funny, right there. πŸ™‚

    1. Cats know which humans are worth their trouble and they know how to get what they want. The cat at the health food store knows that the juice isn’t the only thing that keeps you coming back! She is part of the staff and doing her part.

      1. I saw her yesterday. Her bed is under a shelf and though at first seems cramped, but now see is very cozy. I’m sure this Asian family thinks I’m nutty getting on my hands and knees to see her. She on the other hand, extended her paw, like a Queen.

  2. Wonderful. Reminds me of my son and daughter-in-law’s family that includes at least three cats. Currently 4 (2 ragdolls and 2 long hair whites), The differences in personality is always entertaining. Oh and one dog, a yellow lab. Oh and Jasper – a hamster or guinea pig – not sure which!

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