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1/14/22 Bloganuary 

Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.

I have had only one true challenge in my life that I faced and overcame. I will not write about it because it was very difficult and I prefer to keep it private.
So, no challenge post.

But here is a picture of the beautiful sunset last night.

Cat Image by Andrey_and_Lesya from Pixabay 
Sunset Image by Patricia

11 thoughts on “1/14/22 Bloganuary 

  1. This touched me greatly, one for your noble way of staying private, pain so personal, and allowing me to acknowledge that despite so many challenges in my life, I’m still standing. Writer Anne Lamott says…we all still dance, just with a limp.

    1. I am fairly open but there are things I keep hidden from view. I think that’s true for everyone. Congrats on your 4 years of conquering your dragon. It seems Anne Lamott has the right words for everything in life. Oh, to be able to write like her!

    1. Yes, we all have challenges. We become who we are through all the challenges we face, the big and the little, and how we conquer them.

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