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1/28/22 Bloganuary

What is on your music playlist right now?

I don’t listen to music all that much. I like quiet when I read or write, and that’s how I spend most of my time. When I want some music, I listen to Pandora on the TV and choose something instrumental. Mostly New Age or Ambient. Sometimes Classical. Never anything vocal because my hearing isn’t all that great, and singing gets all muddled.

At night I will sometimes listen to soft meditative music on my Kindle to help me relax and go to sleep. I set the timer for an hour. I can’t remember the last time I heard the music stop, so I know it works.

That’s it!
A bit boring perhaps, but I am happy.

Image by Bibliotheek Bornem from Pixabay 

18 thoughts on “1/28/22 Bloganuary

  1. I rarely have music playing although both my children and theirs ,have music on all the time. I quite like the peace to allow me to read or write. And even with hearing aids, I still have problems with some voices on TV.

  2. At the moment my tv is not good for listening. The sound controls need adjusting I think. Background noise, music etc is so loud anymore it’s overshadowing the voice

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    1. I have some problems with voices on the TV. Seems it is a common problem. I had my hearing checked and hearing aids won’t help. If it gets to the point that I can’t hear well when listening to someone talking to me face to face, I will get hearing aids to help with that. But the TV thing will continue being a problem. Bummer.

  3. I can’t honestly, with my hearing issues, hear music anymore, something I’ve accepted, but in my mind I still can. I’m grateful for what I can enjoy, like reading and writing. 🙂

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