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Monday musings…


Sophie has been here since November and this is the first time they have all slept near each other. They do sleep with me but not close to each other. Teddy sleeps on my left next to my pillow, Jack sleeps on my right at my waist, and Sophie sleeps at my feet.

I think the boys now understand that the girl is here to stay.
Jack is fine with it and Teddy has accepted that she is here,
but she must remember that he is number
Sophie says, oh whatever!

25 thoughts on “Monday musings…

  1. Reminds me of Jack. Now gone but self declared king over two other cats, I yellow lab and a gerbil

    1. It would be kind of dull around here without them. They do settle down when I go to bed. They seem to know that is a quiet time to sleep. If only I could get them to understand that six am is too early to get up.😾

  2. I knew that’s how it would be. Sometimes men just need a little time to adjust, and she is awfully pretty…the Scarlett O’Hara of kitty cats, to her two tailed Tarleton Twins, at the 12 Oaks Ball. 🙂

  3. My cousins’ cats do the same. The queen-bee hates it every time they decide to foster another cat and she goes about throwing tantrums. She only go back to her zone when the foster leaves.
    I don’t blame your cats, they are very picky 😀

    1. I admire people who foster. They have to be patient and understanding. If only their family pets could learn from their example. What you call picky, I call independent.😼

      1. Oh the pets do understand, they are just sly 😀
        On a serious note, yes they are independent.

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