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Last night’s fire …

The sunset last night lit the sky with fire.
I don’t have a camera so I took the photo with my phone.
What you see here really doesn’t tell the story of what I saw.
It was amazing!

19 thoughts on “Last night’s fire …

    1. It is a beautiful view and it changes, not just with the seasons but by the hour. When I think of a time when I may have to move the thing that I will miss the most is the view.

      1. I would feel the same way about your view. Our view is from a second floor and not as panoramic as yours but it’s beautiful with an abundance of trees which attract a variety of feathered and furry friends.

        1. Your view may not be as panoramic but you get to see lots of critters. I see pigeons and blackbirds on my balcony and occasionally a hawk will visit. Oh, there are cicada’s,too. I’m not fond of bugs and it is a problem when the cats bring them inside to play.

  1. I agree with the last commenter. Photos never seem to be as wonderful as the real thing! This one is good though and I saw the beautiful colors.

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