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Wednesday, word….

lively; animated; spirited

Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay 

Vivacious is not me
No, not by a long shot
I am not unhappy
Not the least little bit
Well, maybe now and then
I’m not all that happy
But I get over it
As quickly as I can
I like observing life
In a light-hearted way
Laughter is good for us
It keeps us young at heart
But being vivacious
Is not like me at all
And that is quite okay

16 thoughts on “Wednesday, word….

  1. How did I miss it since, vivacious is one of my all time favorite words. The moment you hear it, your mind is off to the races.

    Vivacity is a favorite Jane Austen word where I probably read it first. I remember Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice after unsuccessfully trying to woo Lizzy cooed about her vivacity, in that Victorian proper accent. Love that you chose its cousin. Thanks.

  2. I was vivacious when I was younger. Now, I am comfortable with being pleasant to be around. Being oneself is what matters.

    1. You are right…just being who we are is what matters. Unless one is mean and nasty…then there’s a need to get a grip and move on to at least nice.

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