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Thursday, thoughts…


Waiting and watching the weather.
Hopefully, Ian will be tuckered out by the time he gets here.

17 thoughts on “Thursday, thoughts…

  1. I wish Ian would go away too, Patricia. I think it is heading up the coastlines of Georgia and South Carolina. We live close to Atlanta and I don’t think we will be affected too much. Stay safe.

    1. I’m in SC but not on the coast. The coast was hard hit but we have just had lots of rain and strong winds. Should be warmer and drier tomorrow.

  2. It’s been an awful storm. It isn’t done yet either. Prayers for all in it’s path.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Patricia. ♥

  3. Oh my, are you in the eye of this? I have no idea where you live Patricia, but sure hope you’re safe wherever you are, you and Teddy, Jack and Sophie. I do know it took unexpected turns not quite following its original route so, here’s hoping it left you alone.

      1. I’M SO GLAD!!!!!! REALLY. Thanks for telling me. It’s amazing how attached we get to one another never having met, never sitting at the other’s table. 🙂

    1. It wasn’t too bad. Lots of rain and wind. Some flooding in places but all in all we fared quite well here in the Midlands. Sadly, the coast got hit big time bad.

    1. Crossed fingers worked. The coast got hit hard but where I am there was only rain and wind and some flooding in low-lying areas. Thankfully, nothing to complain about.

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