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Talents and gifts…

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge
week 14 prompt
A Talent You Have

A talent I have is doing needlework.
I can sew, embroider, cross-stitch and crewel, knit, and crochet.
I learned to do all these as a child.
I learned to sew in school home-ec classes.
The rest I was taught by my grammas.

My favorite is crochet.
I enjoy crocheting, it is relaxing and meditative.
Whenever I make a gift I pray as I crochet
for the person who will receive it.


I am grateful for my grammas and all they taught me.
Crocheting being just a small part of the knowledge they shared.

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Potholes and challenges…

In Other Words

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road
and celebrate the journey”
Barbara Hoffman

I have had more than a few potholes in the road on my journey. Most of the potholes have been passed by without major incident or injury and others caused some scrapes and bruises. Sometimes the potholes came in a series one after another and that made the little irritations seem worse.  There were times that the road was smooth for a while then there would be a big pothole right in the middle.  More like a crater than a pothole. The crater type holes caused some big problems and were challenges. Those holes I would fall into and have to crawl my way out and often needed help to get out. I think my journey’s road has had more bumps than holes. Either way I am glad to be on the road.

The journey has not been an easy one with it’s challenges of bumps, potholes, and craters. Most could have been avoided if I had been more attentive or less rebellious; ignoring the road signs or completely refusing to follow the rules of the road. That’s probably the greatest challenge I have had, learning to heed the signs and follow the rules. I can’t say I have overcome that challenge but then it would be boring if I never followed my heart and did what I want sometimes.  Looking back I can say most challenges I am grateful to have had and met head-on. Most but not all.  Some just need to be bulldozed into a crater and paved over!

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Pet the cat to see the words of others.
Pet the cat to see the words of others.


52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge
Week 13 prompt
A Challenge You Have Overcome

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A twofer today…

52 Weeks of Gratitude.

I missed posting last week.
I planned to have a post for it, but it just didn’t happen
so I will have a twofer today.

The prompts are

# 11 Someone who inspires you
#12 Your favorite personality trait

woman-558378_640There are so any people who inspire me.
There are those who are no longer living,
but I am focusing on those who are in my life today.
I have friends who inspire me every day.
They are kind and generous, have wonderful humor,
are smart, humble, strong, and helpful.
They encourage me, laugh and cry with me,
tell me the truth be it good bad or ugly, and
most cherished by me, they pray for me.
They inspire me to be a better person because
they believe I am better than I am.
I want to be the kind of person they think I am.
I love them dearly.
I am thankful they are in my life.

The traits listed above are ones I appreciate in others
and hope I have at least a smattering of all of them.screamingkitty
The trait I have that is my favorite is
my sense of humor.
I laugh easily and people around me
seem to laugh.
Well, most but not all. I guess some folks just don’t get me.
I am grateful that I do have
a good sense of humor.
It has gotten me through some rough times
and makes the good times even better.

So, there it is my grateful twofer.

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mage on right: flickr

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5 things about me…

52 Weeks of Gratitude 
isn’t really a blog hop but if you want
to get started on your gratitude journey
it’s a good place to find some ideas.

The prompt for week 10 is

Five Things You Like About Yourself

Five things I like about myself and am grateful for
are things that weren’t always part of who I am.

  1. I have a quiet and gentle spirit.
  2. I can forgive and not hold a grudge.
  3. I have a sense of humor.
  4. I am open to new ideas and new ways of looking at things.
  5. I have learned from the past live in the present and look forward to the future.

1 and 2 are gifts I have been given.
3 came from the realization that life is funny even the hard parts.
4, well, life would be dull if the only person I listened to was myself.
5 came with age.




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Enough and more…

52 Weeks of Gratitude
week 9


I have enough of everything I need and more.
But once again, I have been beset with the wants.
I want this and I want that.
Whatever I have is not what I want or I want more.
It’s old, or I’m tired of it. I want something new and different.
Doesn’t have to be all that different.  I just want to buy something new.

When this happens I really have to sit myself down and have a serious talk.
Who says I should have everything I want?
If I had it all would I be happier?
I doubt I’d be happier or even as happy as I am.
Having everything could be having too much.
I really don’t need all I have.
I’m very glad I have it, but I don’t need it all.

I am grateful that I have enough of everything I need.
I am blessed to have more than enough.

This week’s prompt for 52 Weeks of Gratitude was
How did you do and feel?
referring back to lasts weeks prompt,
Express Gratitude to 3 People.

I have chosen to write this post instead because
my wanting more and more for myself, the greediness of it,
and the ingratitude for what I do have has been heavy on my heart.
Selfishness is bad.  Thankfulness is good.

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Three people who made a difference…

I am joining Esther and Jacob at Local Adventurer in their
52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge
this week’s prompt is
Express Gratitude to 3 People

I am grateful for three people who made a difference in my life
by caring enough to listen and hear me and help me find answers.

My third grade teacher for sharing her love of books and reading which led to my love of books and reading.  Every afternoon she would turn off the classroom lights and we would put our heads down on our desks and she would read to us for around 15 minutes.  She read the most wonderful stories.  I wanted the stories to go on and on, but we only had that 15 minutes.  When I told her I wanted to hear more she said not to worry because I was learning to read and I would read lots of stories myself whenever I wanted. I am so thankful to Mrs.C for giving time to a little girl was looking for an answer.

Dr. S.  For 30 years, I had gone to doctors trying find an answer to what was happening to my body.  They would do the same tests over and over and shake their heads and tell me I was a hyper person with high anxieties and if I would learn to calm down and relax the problems would go away.  Then I met Dr.S.  He listened to me and asked questions that I had never been asked before.  Then he said I didn’t seem to be a hyper person and he could understand my anxiety because of what I was experiencing physically. There were three relatively simple tests that would give him the info he needed to determine a course of action. The tests were done showing surgery was needed.  He did the surgery and in a couple of months, though not completely gone, the problems are controllable. The most amazing thing was that Dr. S apologized for all the doctors that didn’t listen or take me seriously.  I am thankful for Dr. S for giving me his time and attention and care.

My friend E.  For her patience and prayers and encouragement and love.  She spent time with me, listened to and answered questions, and walked with me as I was finding my way after being lost for so long. She taught me what being a friend is by being a friend.  She taught by example what a life of faith looks like.  I will always be thankful for E’s being a part of my life.

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