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Monday, A-Z Challenge thoughts…


The A to Z Challenge for 2013 is history.  And yes I survived it…more than just survived…I enjoyed writing every day of it.  Really I did.  I do have to say that I am not a “serious” writer and this blog is just a past-time not work or business.  (Day of Grace, my other blog is serious and does take some work.)  Past A to Z’s were more challenging…this was my third.  I think having a theme definitely is key.  Thank you to the “team” for suggesting it.  It was hard for me to decide on the theme but once that was done it was easy-peasy.

Part of the challenge was to visit other bloggers participating.  That was not easy-peasy for me.  I did visit but rarely commented.  There just isn’t that much time in my day.  Also, commenting on Blogger blogs is for the most part, to be honest, a pain in the butt.  There is the step of adding where you are commenting from which is ok, but many bloggers have the funky word thing you have to copy down to let them know you are a real person commenting.  It is to cut down on spam.  But really if you get that much spam get a better filter or come on over to WP where the filter is great.  Still other Blogger’s comment forms send you off to +Google.  I don’t have a +Google account and never did figure out how to comment there.

The posts that I did read were very good.  Now to be completely honest here…I will say that if it was a long post, anything over 300 words or so, I skipped on by.  I am sure I missed some excellent writing but again I just have so much time in my day for the computer.  I spend lots of time on the computer, however, there comes a time when you must say enough.  For me that was passing on long A-Z posts.

The list of Challengers gets longer every year so the challenge to read becomes harder.  That said I am looking forward to next year…  already thinking about a theme.  I can’t imagine all that is involved behind the scenes to get the Challenge together and organized and into cyber-space.  Thank you, thank you  Arlee and the Team for all your time and work to make this a fun thing for the rest of us.

I appreciate all the bloggers that came to see what “Today, I think” is about and for the visits to “Day of Grace”.  Thank you for visiting and for the comments you left.  I hope you felt good while here and left with a smile.  Y’all come back, ya hear.


Today, I think I can’t have a post without a picture of a cat so here is one of Teddy.

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Tuesday, Z is for zip…


I like people with zip.

You know, people who are energetic.
They are rarely too tired to do something or go somewhere.
They may have aches and pains but aren’t stopped by them.

People with zip are fun to be around but they can wear you out.
Unless you are a person with zip it is best to take these folks in small doses.


Today, I think I am more of a nap person than a zip one.

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And so ends the 2013 A to Z Challenge.
I had fun with this and I hope you did, too.

Now back to my (ir)regular scheduled posting.

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Monday, Y is for youthful…


I like people who are youthful.

When I say youthful I am not referring to looking young, although that is nice.
And I am not thinking of those who have the strength, stamina, and vigor of youth, as nice as that is.

I am thinking of people who do not give age much thought.
The just keep on doing what they do without moans and groans.
They continue to learn new things, skills or hobbies, a new language or about places and people.
It doesn’t matter much what it is they are learning but that they are active and interested in life.

Youthful people are like children, they get up everyday ready for a new day.
They don’t give too much thought to yesterday or tomorrow; they know it is today that matters.


Today, I think youthful has nothing to do with your birthday.

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Saturday, X is for xenophile…


I like people who are xenophiles.

Not too many embrace those who are different from themselves.
Often we learn to be wary of those who look and speak differently than we do.
Sometimes we are taught to think less of those who worship differently or have different customs than we do.

Then there are xenophiles.  
They are people who  are attracted to foreign people, cultures, and customs.
They like people who are different than themselves.
They are not afraid of the differences in lifestyles and beliefs.

Xenophile  people rare.


Today, I think you are surprised I found “X” people I like.

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Friday, W is for wonder…


I like people who are filled with wonder.

People who wonder are people who enjoy life.
They are not easily bored because they are curious about the world around them.
They find nature fascinating and learning fun.
They look a things and wonder how they work and why.
They look at people and wonder at the diversity.

People of wonderment are delighted with life and the complexities of it.
They see each day as a wonderful gift to be opened and explored.


Today, I think wonderment is a wonderful thing in a person.

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Thursday, V is for versatile…


I like people who are versatile.

Versatile people can adapt to the situation and go with the flow.
If plans change or there is a glitch of some kind they are ok.
They know that with a little ingenuity everything will work out.

People who are versatile know that there is more than one way to do something.
They help keep the more rigid folks from having fidgety attacks.
They make life easier for everyone around them.


Today, I think this cat doesn’t care that his owner says he can’t go outside.

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