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Wednesday, U is for unforgettable…


I like unforgettable people.

I am not talking about famous people or those who everyone remembers.  
I am referring to people who are unforgettable to me personally.
Like a teacher, client, co-worker, neighbor, friend, a family member, occasionally a stranger.
People who had an impact on my life.

With most of the “unforgettables” in my life the encounters have been good.
A few of them were not especially pleasant.
But good or bad I have learned lessons from all of them.

They come to mind at the most unexpected times and often in unusual places.
There is always a reason for remembering them and it is always a treat.
Well, not so much a treat with the bad ones but I don’t dwell on them.

Truthfully, I don’t think about the bad unforgettables very often,   
but sometimes they do sneak in…they are unforgettable after all.


Today, I think no one would ever forget this kitty.

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Tuesday, T is for trustworthy…


I like trustworthy people.

Trustworthy people are reliable and faithful.
If they say they are going to do something they do it;
doesn’t matter if it is important or trivial it gets done.
If they say they are going to be somewhere they are there;
even if they would rather be somewhere else.
  Something said to them in confidence is never repeated;
 your secrets are safe with them.

People who are trustworthy respect others;
it doesn’t matter what the relationship is
family, friend ,co-worker, client, acquaintance, stranger.

They are honest honorable folks.


Today, I think trustworthy people are not given the respect they deserve.

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A to Z Challenge 2013 · just thoughts · Monday · opinion

Monday, S is for simple…


I like simple people.

People who have no hidden agenda.    
They not only don’t have hidden agendas they aren’t looking for them in other folks.
They are uncomplicated and pretty easy to understand.   
They aren’t trying to be anyone but who you see in front of you.

Simple people are happy with what they have; they don’t need a lot of stuff.
These people are more interested in other folks and their stuff.

There aren’t too many simple people around.
It’s a complicated world we live in.


Today, I think I will try to be more simple in who I am and how I live.

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Saturday, R is for risk-takers…


I like people who are risk-takers.

I am not talking about people who run with the bulls or bungee jump or stuff like that.
They certainly are risk-takers and I say \O/ them.
But I am talking about people who take risks to achieve something
other than to say they have done it and survived the challenge.

Those who speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…risk .
Those who champion causes that are unpopular…risk.
People who take their faith with them to work or school…risk.
Folks whose lives are different from what is considered acceptable…risk.

These kind of risk-takers are ordinary people who live quiet lives, bravely.
They aren’t looking for pats-on-the-back or high-fives.
They ask for no reward.
They just live their lives honestly and with determination.


Today, I think it takes a brave person to risk going against the pack.

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Friday, Q is for quietly quirky…


I like people who are quietly quirky.

These people are different and a bit unconventional.
There are loud quirky folks, I guess, but I like quieter quirky people best.

Quirky people are not quite eccentric they just have some idiosyncrasies.
There are things they do or say all the time that are just different.
Like always putting their right sock on first or always reading the editorials in the paper before the front page.
Or like never leaving the house without saying “good-bye be a good boy” to…the cat. 

We all know quirky people and usually they are people we really like in spite of their quirkiness.
Or maybe we like them because they don’t think our quirks are odd.


Today, I think this qualifies as one very quirky way to nap.

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Thursday, P is for patience…


I like people who have patience.

Part of being patient is to give of your time to another when it is not especially convenient.
Life is pretty hectic sometimes and that is when truly patient people shine.

People who are patient can make a day that is the pits turn around and be a walk in the park.
Being patient is a gift we can give one another.


Today, I think this cat is very patient, like we should be.

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