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S = sleep…


Have you noticed S2016.jpgleep is sweeter after the alarm goes off?

I have.
I never have a problem going back to S2016leep
after the alarm rudely awakens me.
And S2016leep is so sweet then.
I wonder why that is?

I have to get up as soon as I turn off the alarm.
Well, I do hit the snooze alarm button but
when that is turned off I must get up right away.
If I don’t I will S2016leep another hour.

Sometimes I set the alarm when I really don’t have to
just so I can turn it off and go back to S2016leep.
Maybe you think that is weird
but you should try it.
It’s like a visit to Heaven.

sweetsleepTeddy thinks it’s sweet S2016leep, too.
He likes to snuggle early in the morning
so he likes it when I don’t get up right away.

That’s my post for the letter

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R = rubberneck…


Have you ever been accused of being a R2016ubberneck?

I have.
By my father when I was a kid.
He made it sound like it was an awful thing,
something to be embarrassed about
if you are caught doing it.

Well, I looked it up in the dictionary.
It’s not so awful.
To R2016ubberneck
is to look about or stare inquisitively with great curiosity.
That’s not so bad.
R2016ubberneck also refers to tourists and sightseers.
Not a bad thing.
Then there is the definition;
R2016 ubberneckers are people who stare and gawk,
like spectators in a courtroom or at an accident.
That’s understandable but not nice.
And  R2016ubberneckers stare or gape,
especially in a naive or foolish manner.
I don’t like that at all.
But some days there is nothing else
to do so R2016ubbernecking happens.

Or you see something that is interesting,
curious, odd and you can’t help but
stare, gape, gawk,

That’s my post for the letter

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Q = quiet…


Have you known people who are so wound up,
busy and noisy that you just want to shout

I have known people like that and know some now.
They drive me crazy.
They always have to be doing something, always have
someone with them and they are always talking.
I want to tell them to stop, be still, shut up
and hear what can be heard only in
the silence of solitude.

I feel  a bit sorry for them.
How can you know yourself if you can’t be alone
and  Q2016uiet enough to listen to your heartbeat?
If you don’t know yourself  how can you know someone else?
If you haven’t heard your own heartbeat how can you
know the beat of others?


I try to understand people who don’t like Q2016uiet
but I really don’t get them.
Of course, they don’t get me either.

That’s my post for the letter

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P = penny…


Have you been offered a P2016enny
for your thoughts lately?

I have.
What’s with that!
With the economy, inflation and cost of living
my thoughts are worth more than a P2016enny.
Then if you factor in my age and life experience
the value of my thoughts goes up considerably.


People should offer at least one hundred
P2016ennies for my thoughts.
I’d say more than a dollar but I am a
thoughtful thought-filled person, not a greedy one.

That’s my post for the letter

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O = opportunity…


Have you ever had an O2016pportunity do to
or say something and knew you had to act on it?

I have.
Just recently during a conversation with a
friend something came up and I knew without a doubt, I could help.
First simply by listening,second by offering words of comfort,
then by doing something without thinking or planning.

The first  was easy,  the second took some thought,
and the third just happened without realizing what I was doing.
The doing was not hard, took little effort
but I did wonder how it would be received.
I knew in my heart this was an O2016pportunity to share a blessing.

The gesture, a gift I offered, was graciously accepted
and is helping my friend find strength and peace in this difficult time.
And she already has plans to share it with another who needs help.


Some O2016pportunities are gifts that we have to share.

That’s my post for the letter

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N = name…

Have you wondered what your given
N2016ame means and if it fits you?

I have.
For the first years of my life, I was called Pat.
I never really liked Pat but it beat the heck
out of Patty or Patsy.

When in my mid-years I got a job in sales
and had to have business cards.
I decided to use my given N2016ame, Patricia,
on the cards because it better described me.
I thought using Pat was not defining enough;
it could be a man or woman’s name.
That’s when I had the realization that
I like my N2016ame, Patricia.
From then on I have been Patricia.

Patricia means patrician or noble.
I am not sure that the definition fits me.
I would like to think it does at least a little.

I did have two family nickN2016ames.
Daddy called me PJ and Ma called me Queenie.
Those are really my favorite N2016ames
but I don’t hear them anymore.
They are of the past.

That is my post for the letter

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