A to Z Challenge 2018 · whatever!

Z is for zzzes…

colorful-1313027_640is for zzzes


We are at Z in the A to Z Challenge.
Not hard for me to find a topic using the letter z.
I will write about something I love.

It is an activity everyone, without exception, does.
Something very crucial to your well-being.
Without it or without enough of it life is not good.

It can be done most anywhere though discretion is advised.
It’s best in the dark but can be delightful in the sunshine.
You can do it alone or with one or more joining you.

It’s a natural thing to do.
Some do it better than others.
You feel better after unless it is cut short.

What am I talking about?
Remember this is a G-rated blog.
There are no X-rated posts here.

I am talking about sleep, of course.
The most wonderful exercise ever!
And no special training needed.

Be someone who gets enough but not too much zzzes.






A to Z Challenge 2018 · whatever!

Y is for young…

colorful-1313027_640is for young


Youth is a wonderful time of life.
It is when there is natural freshness and purity of spirit.
It is the beginning of who you will be.

Youth doesn’t last long.
You begin to lose it the moment you are born.
Aging, growing old, is part of the process of living.

However, growing old does not mean you can’t be young.
Being young has less to do with age than it does with attitude.
The body gets old but the person inhabiting it can be young.

It is your choice.
You can be a miserable old fogey stick-in-the-mud if you want.
Or you can get on with life, be a bit eccentric, laugh and enjoy the journey,

You can’t stop the years or the impermanence of youth.
You can remain young at heart and in thoughts.
All you need is a sense of humor, determination, and love.

Be someone who is forever young.


A to Z Challenge 2018 · whatever!

X is for xenophobia…

colorful-1313027_640is for xenophobia


Phobias are persistent irrational fears of specific objects, activities or situations.
Some seem silly and harmless with little impact on day-to-day life.
But there are phobias that are terrible, frightening and life-altering.

Xenophobia is one of those that seems to be rampant today.
It is a fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers, their politics or cultures.
The fear or dislike of the customs or traditions of people different from oneself.

Why fear or hate someone you probably don’t know?
Is this simply narrow-mindedness and preconceived notions?
Or is it prejudice and discrimination based on ignorance?

This is not a lighthearted fun post.
I didn’t start out to write something so heavy and serious.
Reading about xenophobia made me think and question.

In truth, there are people I don’t like because of their politics or beliefs.
I may not understand or agree with them but I do not hate them.
They have a right to their opinions and thoughts even if different than mine.

After reading the above I was going to delete it all and start over.
Just be my usual laid-back happy self…but my heart hurts.
I had to write these words.

Be someone who accepts those who are different and does not tolerate xenophobia.





A to Z Challenge 2018 · whatever!

W is for wonders…

colorful-1313027_640is for wonders


Remember when you were a kid and everything you saw was new?
Everything was a discovery to investigate.
Life was a wonderland to examine from every angle.

You are older now and everything is the same old thing.
It may seem everything is dull and a bit tattered and worn.
You might be thinking nothing new is out there to explore.

Well, you may be dull and a bit tattered and worn but wonderland isn’t.
Wonderland still exists and awaits you with surprises and astonishments.
Let go of the adult you, grab your inner child, and go play for awhile.

Might take a little time and practice getting to know that kid again.
The adult you might get in the way at first but persevere.
The wonders of life are worth more than a boring grown-up glance.

Be someone who explores the wonders of life.


A to Z Challenge 2018 · whatever!

V is for voice…

colorful-1313027_640is for voice


Everyone has a voice.
Some voices are loud and noisy.
Some are soft and quiet.

Some people talk a lot.
Some talk very little.
But everyone has something to say.

Some folks have important and beautiful things to say that need to be heard.
What some people have to say is silly or ugly and of little value.
It is essential that you learn the difference.

Whoever and whatever you listen to use discretion.
Then listen to the most valuable voice.
The still, small voice of your conscience.

There is a reason you have a voice of conscience.
It is a gift that protects you.
Carefully listen to your own voice.

Be someone who hears and heeds your own voice. 


A to Z Challenge 2018 · whatever!

U is for umbrella…

colorful-1313027_640 is for umbrella


Some days are bright and beautiful without a dark cloud in the sky.
A perfect day with no sign of pesky storms.
Then out of the blue come dark clouds and pelting rain.

What is your reaction to the unexpected storms in life?
Do you let the storm drown you?
Or do you have a contingency plan for when they rage?

Storms affect us all at one time or another.
It’s good to have an umbrella handy.
A nice big umbrella that can be shared is the best kind.

Be someone who has an umbrella to share during the storms of life.