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TToT, second week of March…

Ten Things of Thankful


  • Organized my files and got paperwork ready for tax appointment next week. Just have some paper shredding to do but the real work is done.
  • Finished the crocheted baby blanket for my friend whose baby boy is due this month.
  • Had a lovely morning with my friend. She had some shopping to do and I went along and did some shopping myself. Then we had lunch. While at lunch she got a call that her son and his soon to be wife had their offer on a house accepted. Great joy!
  • A neighbor was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday. I saw her as they were wheeling her into the elevator. She is in her late nineties and as feisty as ever. No news yet as to how she is doing. I am thankful for the EMS folks. They do a much- needed service and deserve our gratitude and support.
  • Had some good feedback on my writing at my other blog, Day of Grace. This blog Patricia’s Place is where I just talk and have fun. Sometimes there is serious stuff here but for the most part, it’s easy. Day of Grace is my heart and takes a lot of thought and prayer. I need to be more circumspect and thoughtful there. I want to be an encouragement and not preachy.
  • I have been asked to serve on a committee here where I live. I haven’t said yes or no. I need to give it some thought but I am humbled that I have been asked and thankful that I am considered worthy.
  • I am ever so thankful that my arthritis pain does not flare up very often and when it does it responds to aspirin quite nicely. No other pain medication is needed.
  • I have plans for dinner with a friend this coming week. She is a work friend and I haven’t seen her since December. It will be great to see her and catch up with the last couple of months.
  • We had snow flurries this morning. It was beautiful! There is a sweet peacefulness looking out the window of my nice warm home and watching the snowflakes float from the sky. I am thankful for the sight today and thankful that it’s a sight we don’t see too often.
  • I received a reimbursement check from the insurance company. This is a great blessing because it will cover the handyman work being done this month. I had been complaining about the delay but as often happens the delay brought the blessing at the perfect time. God is good!
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blessings · Ten Things of Thankful · whatever!

TToT, first week of March…

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Got two things crossed off that have been on my to-do list for way too long. Of course, it is a never ending list but still feels good to take something off before putting something new on it and I am thankful.
  2. New sofa and bed delivered. The bed is in the guest room and will be a cozy nest when I have overnight visitors. The sofa is so comfortable. The catkids and I are enjoying it.
  3. Because the old sofa was not in bad shape I was able to give it to someone who needed a sofa.
  4. Had a text from someone I used to work with. We are going to get together for lunch or supper sometime this month. Friends are great blessings.
  5. I know how to make a decent meal and have enough to share.
  6. I have money to pay bills and a little left over for fun. Cannot express how wonderful that is.
  7. I spent an hour or so straightening up the library downstairs. Someone had put a box of books on the table that needed to have a home and some old books that needed to find a new home. The new are all shelved and the old ready to go to the public library for the Spring sale.
  8. I am loving the unrushed unscripted days I have now that are on my time-table. No more need to set the alarm or too little sleep for this night owl.
  9. I have a home that is perfect for me. It is a quiet sanctuary where I am safe and happy.
  10. Looking forward to next week no matter what it brings with it. It is with a sense of wonder I write that. All is well with my soul!
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