bloganuary · stars

1/31/22 Bloganuary

How do you feel when you look at the stars?

When I was a child, I thought the stars were holes in the curtains of heaven that the angels made. I felt safe knowing that even in the dark of night, the angels were watching. The Guardians were on duty.

When I look at the stars now, I still feel a sense of wonder. There are so many of them! And to think we don’t see them all gives perspective to how small our world is in the scheme of things.

And maybe, Guardian Angels are at their posts,
watching the world and taking care of heavenly business.

Image by Syaibatul Hamdi from Pixabay 

bloganuary · trees · whatever!

1/30/22 Bloganuary

Describe yourself as a tree.

I am not a tall or big tree, but I am strong. I have been around for a while and have weathered a few storms. Some of those storms have caused some damage, and there are scars. My roots are deep, my branches are still strong, and my leaves are abundant. I am still standing and enjoying the seasons of life.

Image by YeXilin from Pixabay 

bloganuary · whatever! · world

1/29/22 Bloganuary

How are you changing the world?

My answer?
I don’t belong to any club or organization that rallies for a cause.
I am not politically motivated by any party’s agenda.
So maybe, I am not changing the big wide world.

But I try to be kind, unselfish, understanding, and helpful.
Hopefully, those things bring change to my little world.

Photo by Emre on Unsplash

bloganuary · music

1/28/22 Bloganuary

What is on your music playlist right now?

I don’t listen to music all that much. I like quiet when I read or write, and that’s how I spend most of my time. When I want some music, I listen to Pandora on the TV and choose something instrumental. Mostly New Age or Ambient. Sometimes Classical. Never anything vocal because my hearing isn’t all that great, and singing gets all muddled.

At night I will sometimes listen to soft meditative music on my Kindle to help me relax and go to sleep. I set the timer for an hour. I can’t remember the last time I heard the music stop, so I know it works.

That’s it!
A bit boring perhaps, but I am happy.

Image by Bibliotheek Bornem from Pixabay 

bloganuary · solitude · whatever!

1/27/22 Bloganuary

Where do you go when you need solitude?

When I need solitude I go to a place within myself and I find

A place of knowing
Where the mind’s enlightened
And there is wisdom

A place of healing
Where the heart is filled with love
And there is wonder

A place full of peace
Where there is no emptiness
And there are dreams

A place of searching
Where understanding is found
And all life is blessed

Photo by Paulina K on Unsplash

bloganuary · favorite

1/26/22 Bloganuary

What is your favorite part about yourself?

My favorite part of myself is forgiveness. I have learned that without forgiveness, life is unpleasant and tiring. It took me a while to figure out the reason for my unhappiness. What I was doing was taking all the hurts and wrongs, carrying them on my shoulders. Not just the hurts others caused me, but also the ones I brought on myself.

It wasn’t an easy lesson to learn. The hardest part was, and still is, letting go of the past. Sometimes the past pops up unexpectedly, and I find I must forgive again and let go again.

The ability to do this is my favorite part of me!

Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay