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Wednesday, woe…

Teddy had to go to the vet. He has lost 4 pounds and had diarrhea for a couple of days. So, off to the Vet, we went. Usually, he is not happy to be there but he puts up with it. But this time he hissed and growled and showed his claws.

The Vet did her thing which took about an hour with the checking and testing. $600 later I was told he has an inflamed bowel and given some medicine in a syringe to give him every 12 hours. In the past, he has been fine when he had to take medicine but I guess his old age has made him a bit of a crank. It is a challenge to get the medicine in him rather than on him.

He does seem to be feeling better and the diarrhea is gone. But we have a few more days of doses to go. Wish me luck!

Sometimes being a cat mama is difficult!

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Monday musings…


Sophie has been here since November and this is the first time they have all slept near each other. They do sleep with me but not close to each other. Teddy sleeps on my left next to my pillow, Jack sleeps on my right at my waist, and Sophie sleeps at my feet.

I think the boys now understand that the girl is here to stay.
Jack is fine with it and Teddy has accepted that she is here,
but she must remember that he is number
Sophie says, oh whatever!

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New stuff…

Some Chatter this Tuesday

Today I got my new sofa for the living room,
slipcovers for the chair and ottoman,
and bed for the guest room.
Everything looks good.

Teddy has checked it all out.
Jack could care less.


I put double sided sticky tape on everything.
It’s meant to discourage cats from scratching furniture.
So far Teddy has scratched one of the tapes off the ottoman
and has been licking the tape on the chair.
Again, Jack could care less.

Good thing I am not a perfectionist
and don’t mind a few dings, dents, scratches, holes…

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