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CTST’s today…

The sun is shining and it is not windy and freezing.
The guys installing the new balconies are back to work.
If it is too cold the epoxy used with the screws is ineffective.
Definitely, want the railings to be secure.
If it’s too windy they can’t work because it isn’t safe for the installers.
Certainly, want them to be safe and secure.

The cats are not happy about the noise.
Especially Teddy.

He just wants it done.
It’s hard to nap with all the noise.

Jack’s okay.

Not exactly happy but putting up with it.

So, today I am celebrating
the good weather and working conditions,
the guys working and doing a good job,
and my sweet catkids.

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This week I celebrate friendship.


There are lots of different kinds of friends:

Those who are acquaintances, people you know but aren’t especially close to. The people you know for a time or season of life then they are gone. Some friends are those you work with and rarely see outside of work. There are the friends who call you when they need something and only you can help them. Some people just show up now and then and it’s great to see them.

There are also the best of friends who sometimes are really more family than friends and sometimes more family than your actual family. These are the ones you laugh with but you can also cry with them. These are the ones you can agree to disagree with and it doesn’t matter what the difference is you still love each other. These friends you can call anytime for any reason and they are there for you.


These are the friends who are priceless gifts from God.

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Light and lock

Celebrating Small Things

I have light in the bathroom!
Last Thursday the light in my bathroom wouldn’t come on.
I checked the breaker box and it was okay.
Changed the light bulbs…still no light.
Called the handyman.
He was on his way out of town.
Then the light came on and later it wouldn’t come on.
That’s the way it was for a week.
I don’t like showering in the dark!
Taking a bath by candlelight was kinda cool, though.
Today, the handyman was here and I have reliable light.

I also have a new lock on my door.
The old one had gotten tricky in its old age.
So, it had to go and a new one installed.


It’s good to have a handyman on call.
If he’s a good handyman and does the job right
it’s okay to wait a week.

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About me…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 39

1. My middle name is Jeanne. I was given this name because I was born on my Aunt     Jeanne’s birthday.


2. Usually, I don’t like surprises. But there are some that are wonderful.


3. The Super Bowl is a football game that I don’t remember ever watching.


 4. My favourite sport is none. Sports are okay but I really am not a fan of any.


Celebrate the Small Things

I went to the dentist this week and had three fillings.
The cavities were not big ones so it didn’t take long and wasn’t too bad sitting there.
Of course, the nitrous oxide helped with the
“I am not a good dental patient syndrome”.
I have been going to the same dentist for about 20 years.
I was one of his first patients.
When he was done with his work he asked if I had insurance.
Yes, but it only covers preventative procedures like check-ups and cleaning.
So, he gave me a 30% discount!
Now that is something to celebrate!


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After too many calls and too much time on the phone with the insurance company, the doctor’s office, a credit department, and the government all is well.

I get so out of sorts when something takes many calls and talking to a gazillion different people, explaining the same thing over and over, being put on hold forever, and being told to call another number and repeating the whole thing again. Okay, it wasn’t a gazillion people or forever but it was aggravating.


Anyway, insurance, Social Security, doctor, and a credit department have all agreed with me. These were different issues some concerning only one company, agency, department and some concerning more than one. To say it was getting confusing is putting it mildly.

So, this week I am Celebrating the Small Things that were threatening to become a big pain in the butt.

Everything is straightened out. No more phone calls needed. And I got a check this week that I was told had been mailed November 4th. \O/

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