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3 for Friday…

1. Feline Friday


2. In Other WordsWrite a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word devotion

Let your heart be seen
Open to all who walk by
Love is meant to be shared
Shine your light on them
Let them see your devotion

3. Celebrate the Small Things… this week I celebrate

My friend’s joy as they welcome their new grandson
After six weeks, the end of dental work
The good advice I received

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Celebrate the Small Things · whatever!

Time, weather, energy

Celebrate the Small Things


I celebrate another week of life but it has flown by. Seems like Sunday was just a day or two ago. When did time speed up?  Does it have something to do with climate change?  Surely it has nothing to do with age!

There have been some cooler mornings this week. In the mid-seventies when I get up and in the eighties the rest of the day.  There’s been some rain and more to come this weekend which is fine.  Usually, this time of year lawns are brown and dry and the leaves on the flowers are beginning to curl but so far all is looking green and lush. That is something to celebrate!

Though the mornings have been pleasant I haven’t gone for a walk.  Really need to get back on track and get my steps in. I do celebrate that I am healthy and even if not in great shape I get around just fine and have the energy to do things I want to do. What I don’t want to do is another story.  I am happy and celebrate that my time is no longer logged on a time clock!

That’s it for this Friday.

Has anyone heard anything from Lexa?  Does she have an email address I can have so I can say hello?  If it is okay with her would you send it to my email, please?  Or just tell her I am thinking of her.  Thanks!

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Hummingbird visitor…

Celebrating The Small Things


Yesterday while sitting on my balcony enjoying the view and the breeze a tiny gray hummingbird fluttered by. Then a few minutes later he came back and did an another fly-by, showing off a bit. It was such a surprise!  I have never seen a hummingbird on my balcony before.  I don’t know what brought him here.  Maybe the flowers in pots but I have always had flowers out there and never a hummingbird.  Whatever the reason for his visit it was lovely and made me smile.

So, today I bought a hummingbird feeder and nectar.  I hung it on the railing watching for another visit but doubtful that it would happen.  Surprise! Within an hour a hummingbird was fluttering around and checking out the feeder.  He took a few sips and was on his way.  I wonder if this will be a regular stop on his daily rounds?  I hope he does come back and brings his family and friends.

The hummingbird’s visit…a small thing…worthy of a celebration.

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Celebrate the Small Things · Grateful · whatever!

Getting there…

Celebrating The Small Things


Today I celebrate some small repairs that were done in my apartment by the handyman.  He also did some work to prepare for the sheetrock that will be done next week.

I am also celebrating that I have the paint to do the doors and closets.  There are four closets and eleven doors.  I will be celebrating big time when I get this done! I may be awhile before the celebration because I am doing the painting.  I don’t especially like painting so I have to give myself a pep talk to get started.  Some days it works some days not.

I am also happy that I found the size air vent I need for the furnace closet door.  I found it online now just have to order it.

The kitchen is still not done but I am hopeful that I will be celebrating its completion in the near future.  This project has not gone as smoothly as hoped but I waited for twenty-one years to do this so a few more weeks is okay…sorta.

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Celebrating the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

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Friendly Fill-lns, week 60



1. My next birthday will be one with a zero. Those are special birthdays.


2. Fireworks are fun to see but dangerous and I appreciate the professionals who know how to display them safely.

3. This week, I am thankful for the help correcting the mistakes made with my cabinet order and that it was not my mistake so will be fixed at no charge to me.
4. Freedom is something I am thankful for and try not to take it for granted but often do because I have never known life without it.