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Monday musings…

Attitude is a choice.
Think positive thoughts daily.
Believe in yourself.
Pat Summitt

I like this quote because it tells us how to have a good day. Of course, not all days are good or happy, but our attitude can influence how we react to those days that are less than the best.

With a positive outlook, problems are not overwhelming. All the troubles and woes are not unbearable burdens. There is courage given to help face whatever unpleasantness is in our way. When we believe in ourselves, we can overcome the trials and tribulations as they come, not letting them dig in and make themselves at home.

Our attitude is up to us.
The choice is ours.
Believe it or not.

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Monday musings…

What we have before us are some breathtaking
opportunities disguised as insoluble problems.
John W. Gardner

I like this quote, though I can’t relate to it personally. I have a pretty simple life, without much that is breathtaking or insoluble. Of course, I have problems. But my problems are routine sort of stuff, nothing that I haven’t been able to handle. The opportunities that came my way have never been breathtaking. I have had opportunities but nothing outstanding.

I had more problems when I was younger. I was often unwise in the choices and decisions I made. I tended to act without much thought, and I rarely asked for or took any advice. I admit that I sometimes paid a high price for my actions. But in time, I learned my lessons and became a bit wiser.

As for opportunities, some were good, some not so good, and some simply hard lessons learned. Nothing that came my way was breathtaking though a couple were heartbreaking. When I grew up and matured, I became more aware of the importance of thinking things through and considering other people’s advice. So, still nothing breathtaking but no longer anything heartbreaking.

As someone once said to me,
Life is good if you don’t weaken.

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Thursday thoughts…

Everything you can imagine is real.
Pablo Picasso

Imagination is a wonderful thing. It can take you lovely places. It can relax you. It can take you from boredom and inertia to the desire to move and do something you enjoy. It can help you see what needs to be done and how to accomplish it. It can help you make life better not just for yourself but for others, too.

Sadly, I have known people who imagined awful things were going to happen. There are people in my life today who imagine frightening things that could happen. There was a time I was one of those people.

I am happy to say I left the ranks of the doom and gloom army years ago. Oh, there are times that my imagination goes to the ugly, but I recognize the waste of time pursuing those thoughts. Not only is it a waste of time; it is dangerous. It can make you miserable. It can cause depression and even physical ailments. It can bring harm to others.

I don’t know if I agree with Pablo. I guess, like everything in life, imagination sometimes needs to be reined in and put in perspective in order to do the ordinary things of everyday. We just need to remember it’s meant to be a healthy and happy productive time.

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Self kindness reflection…

I have joined the Kindness Challenge at The Richness of a Simple Life
For the next seven weeks, on Monday,  Niki will give us a kindness challenge.
We will have all week to think about that week’s challenge
then we are to write a reflection.

Week 1 is Self-kindness
and this is my reflection.


I am a bit quirky, always have been. I tend to think a differently about things than other folks. As a kid and into young adulthood I found this trait of quirkiness difficult.  I always seemed to be on the outside looking in.  I so wanted to be like everyone else.  It hurt to be different and I didn’t like myself. Somewhere in my forties, I came to realize this is who I am. I am an introspective introvert.  I like to think and ponder and wonder and I often see things from a perspective of my own that is different than others.  I no longer think this is a bad thing, I like this quirkiness trait.  I will celebrate it.

However, there are other things I haven’t accepted. Mistakes that I made.  Things that hurt me and others. I find it hard to forgive myself.  I will go over and over the transgressions and they hurt again making me feel bad about myself.  This week I have been working on healing the hurt I have about these things.  They can’t be changed but how I treat myself can be.  It is relatively easy to forgive others.  Now I am taking the time to be kind to myself, to acknowledge the hurts and mistakes, accept them, forgive myself and understand that they have had a part in making me who I am and I am a good person.  I am a good person!

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Is fear a choice?…

“Danger is real, fear is a choice.”
Will Smith

I am not sure I agree with Mr Smith.
I do agree danger is real, but I am not sure fear is a choice.
I do think what we do when afraid and how we react is a choice.

When we are afraid we may run and hide.
Then we have a choice stay in our hiding place or leave it.
When we are afraid of something we can do everything
possible to avoid it or we can choose to confront it.

Fear has many faces and is different for everyone.
What you fear I may laugh at and you may think my fear is silly.
But for each of us the fear, real or imagined, is not a choice it just is.

The challenge is to do what needs to be done to overcome it.
Easier said than done, I know.
Sometimes we have the courage within us to deal with it on our own.
Other times we may need help.  No shame in that.
But it can be hard to admit we are afraid and need help.

We would be wise to take some advice from Jack.
He watched Teddy jump up on the armoire in my bedroom.
It’s a tall armoire, about six and a half feet tall, and Teddy loves it up there.
So one day Jack jumped up there.
He did not love it!
He was afraid up there and afraid to jump down.
I was in the kitchen and could hear him crying for help.
helpI know just how he felt.
He didn’t choose to be afraid. But he was.
And he was smart enough to call for help.

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