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My Word for Wednesday this week is


Snickerdoodles are sugar cookies that are rolled in cinnamon.
I love cookies of all types andI love the name Snickerdoodle.
I think the origin of the cookie is German.
I grew up near Amish folks and they made these cookies.
I don’t know if they called them Snickerdoodles or if it is
a derivative of the German name.
Doesn’t matter they are good cookies whatever they’re called and
who wouldn’t want to try something sweet called Snickerdoodle?

There are other things that are Snickerdoodle;
milkshakes, lattes, ice cream, muffins, pies and candy are some of them.
I haven’t had any of these things, but I would be willing to try them.

There have also been candles and body washes and scents in Snickerdoodle.
These are usually sold at Christmas time.
The candles sound interesting, but I wouldn’t be interested in the others.
I just don’t like to smell like food.

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