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Skinny mini no more…

For the first time in my life it has been strongly suggested that I lose weight.
Up until the last couple of years I was a skinny mini.
But no more.  I am not a hippy hippo by any means.
Still, I no longer wear clothes sized in single digits and when I sit my tummy rests on my thighs.
I still have a lap!  Just a smaller one.

So I am being pressured to lose at least ten pounds but twenty would be better.
I do not like this!

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I have eaten less bad empty calorie stuff and more healthy stuff.
Until the holidays.
I had lost seven pounds but I found them and couple extra over the last few weeks.

Now it is back to lean and green healthy foods.
I think exercise would be good but I am a couch potato
or maybe a computer cucumber is more apt.


I have a new scale for weekly weigh ins
and I am working on the exercise thing.
Thinking is a form of work, ya know!


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Saturday, planned obsolescence…

Planned Obsolescence

Image by James Provost via Flickr

Many years ago I heard someone, don’t know who,  talk about planned obsolescence.  He said that technology would make change happen so quickly that what was new one day would be old the next.  And that manufacturers would not produce things meant  to last a long time but things that would  last no more than 2-5 years.

There are 2 reasons this long ago interview came to mind; my television and my cell phone.

With the change in options that Netflix announced I am trying to decide if I should just have DVD’s or just streaming movies.  Right now I get DVD’s and I watch the streaming movies on my computer. If I have just the streaming I would want a screen bigger than my ‘puter but it seems my TV is too old and I will have to buy a Blu-ray player to make the streaming work.

What a bummer.  I have a DVD player that works just fine but is old (everything in my condo is old, the TV, the DVD player, me, the cat…) so it won’t do the streaming thing.  The TV and DVD are all of 6 years old but basically obsolete.

Then there is my cell phone, my only phone.  Sometimes it doesn’t ring.  Sometimes the voice mail notification beep doesn’t sound and the icon doesn’t show. So not only do I not know someone has called I don’t know they have left a message. (As far as I know the texting is still ok.) When I called to ask why this was happening and how to fix it I was told that my phone is old and probably won’t always work and should be replaced.  My phone is maybe 3 years old…and obsolete.

I think my parents had 2 TV’s in their life time.  It would have been 1 but color came into play so the black and white was replaced.  And I don’t remember ever having a phone not work.  The only reason they got a new phone was because you can’t do the prompt stuff with an old rotary phone, gotta have those little buttons to press.

Today, I think I need to get with the program and when I finally figure out how to use something just accept the fact that it is time to get a new one.