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Y = you…


Have you allowed yourself to be Y2016ou?

I have, finally.
It isn’t always easy and I don’t always succeed.
For years I wore masks.
Masks of many kinds and for many reasons.
The main reason I wore masks was fear.
Plain and simple I was afraid to be me.
I was afraid I would be embarrassed, a disappointment, a failure,
not good enough, thought unimportant or worthless, the list was endless.

I was a great actress.
I was so good at playing the part of someone else
hiding who I was, that I began to believe the parts
I played were the real me.

Then I got tired.
So tired that living seemed too hard, a waste of time and energy.
But I wasn’t ready not to live.
I looked for help.
Surprising how easy it was to find what I needed.
I met a woman who was the perfect therapist for me.
True friends stayed close, those not real friends left.
I met a beautiful woman who helped me believe I wasn’t a mistake
but a person created with love for a purpose.

Now that I know Y2016ou being yourself
is who Y2016ou are meant to be
when I sometimes put on a mask
I find it most uncomfortable.

That’s my post for the letter

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E = elevator…

Have you ever been stuck in an

I have…twice!
Once in the left one and once in the right one.

The first time the E2016levator kept going up and down.
Didn’t stop at any floor just went up and down.
I didn’t panic or anything I was confident it would stop.
And it did stop after three or four trips up and down,
not on my floor but I got out anyway and took the stairs.

The second time the E2016levator didn’t move and the door didn’t open.
I waited a couple of minutes and pushed buttons with no success
so I used the emergency button that calls 911.
The operator asked if I was okay or did I need medical help.
I was fine no medical help needed.
She said okay she would send the fire department.
I really didn’t want that but it seems it is a law;
if you are stuck in the elevator and call for help
the fire department is sent.

I have a thing for firemen.  Don’t know why.
I just think they are all huggable and loveable.
Anyway, I could hear sirens and then a pounding on the door.
They told me to stay calm and they would have me out in no time.
I was very calm and they did open the door in no time.

There were six firemen out there, one with a medical kit
who wanted to take my blood pressure and listen to my heart.
I said no I was fine.
The truth was BP and HR were probably high.
I mean really! Six huggable good looking guys smiling at me!

I was a bit embarrassed with the attention and told them so.
One laughed and said, “wait until you get downstairs”.
We all got in the other elevator and once in the lobby
I was greeted by at least ten more firemen.
Outside there were two fire trucks with more men.
Be still my heart!
I have to admit whenever I use our  E2016levators
I say a little prayer…most often that it will get me to
the floor I want and the door will open…
but sometimes remembering all those firemen…

That’s my post for the letter

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A hero is someone…

In Other Words

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility
that comes with his freedom”.

Bob Dylan

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