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Friday, celebrating friends…


This is the way I felt when I opened my Christmas gifts.
Not that I got ribbons.
But what I got…well, everything was worthy of !!!!’s.

There was not one thing that made me wonder
“What were they thinking?”
Every gift was perfect for me.

I am truly thankful for the gifts but more thankful for the givers.
They are the greatest gifts I have received.

Today, I think I have many friends to celebrate.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.
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Friday, phobias that fascinate me…


Do you know there are people with a fear
of developing a phobia?
Well, there are…they are

It seems there are phobias about everything.

I had a phobia…I probably still have a bit of it.
Sometimes it rears its ugly phobia head and I am a mess.
But I have learned to get past it…most of the time.
It took a lot of work to overcome it or overcome it for the most part anyway.

So, I can understand someone having a phobia even really strange ones like,

Phronemophobia; the fear of thinking.

This would be horrible.
How does one not think?

I wonder how one gets over phronemophobia?
I mean, really, you have to think to work through it.


Today, I think phronemophobia is not one I will worry about…I love to think.

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Friday, trash and treasures…

I had a rug that I wanted to donate to a charity.
I thought I would send it off to Goodwill
but a friend said she was going to the Thrift Store
and I could give it to them

So today was the day.
The Thrift Store is owned by Pet’s Inc.,
the animal shelter where I got Teddy.


It was the first time I have been there.
It was interesting in the usual thrift store interesting way.
It was dim, dusty, smelly, crowded, poorly merchandised.
And I will go back again in spite of all that.

I like thrift store and consignment shops.
I rarely buy anything…I have more stuff here than I really need.
Well, I did buy five books and got one free.
I may have read one or two of them already but I’m not sure.
Doesn’t matter. I will pass them on like I do all my books these days.
I decided a while back that part of my de-cluttering meant clearing out the books.
Wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be…I gave them all away…almost all of them.

But back to today’s thrift trip.
There was some trash and some treasures to be seen.
I saw some neat furniture that I could refinish or paint
but I resisted because I have  a couple of projects that have been on the
dreaded to-do list for months.  No new projects until they are done.

I didn’t look at the clothes and there were tons.
I have my own old clothes why would I want someone elses?

I was looking for something specific though.
I want some small pots or bowls or dishes to repot some plants I have.
With all the dishes and pots and bowls there I didn’t find one that suited me.

I am happy anyway.  I liked poking around.

I am thankful for the hour or so a friend and I just wandered around
in a store of castoffs, junk, and the few surprise finds worth more than priced.
And I am thankful that I found another place to donate my castoffs and junk
and old treasures that benefits my favorite animal shelter.

Today, I think you have learned that I like…stuff.  And wandering
around in dim, dusty, smelly, crowded, poorly merchandised junk stores.

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Friday, two for one…


Okay, here it is after eleven on Friday November 1 and I just found out about
two November blog challenges.
One is 30 Days of Thankful
and the other is National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo.

So here is a quick post for both.
Gotta hurry cause today is almost tomorrow.


For the first day of the 30 Days of Thankful:
I am thankful I have my catkid, Teddy.
He is two years old today.
He is probably a little older.
I got him at a shelter and they thought he was about four months old
which would make his birthday sometime in October.
I gave him November 1 as a birthday because 11-01-11 is easy to remember.


For the NaBloPoMo  I will tell something about myself every day this month.
Isn’t that fascinating?
I know you are just all a shiver with anticipation.


Number 1 about me:
I am officially old.
I get senior citizen discounts.
I don’t feel old and though I think I don’t look as old as I am
I don’t look as young as I think I do either.
Just wait it will probably get worse.
I am also officially a ditz.


Today, I think this may be tricky…
I have lots to be thankful for but I am not all that interesting.

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Friday, at last a decision…


Today is the day I Celebrate the Small Things.
So today I am celebrating  a decision.

Usually I am pretty good with deciding things.
I think and ponder, sometimes ask advice, research, make pro and con lists.
And make the decision fairly quickly.
Whatever I decide is usually fine and if it isn’t I can reconsider and do something else.
I mean really, nobody dies whatever I decide.

But this one took me almost two years to make!
And it is no big deal.  Just a little yes I will or no I won’t kind of thing.
But it took me forever.

Because, and this is silly, I was bothered by what other people might think.
That is so unlike me.

Anyway, the decision is made and I have told who I need to tell.
And the earth is still spinning around the sun.

So today I celebrate my decision.


Today, I think I will celebrate with some chocolate and wine.
I will go back on my diet tomorrow.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.
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Friday, I’m baaaack…

It’s hard to believe that it has been two weeks since I have been here.
Not sure why I have been MIA.


It’s not like I have been busier than usual.
Maybe daydreaming more or more distracted.
Probably just lazy.

But here I am


ready to celebrate a small thing.

Today, I think I am celebrating just being.  Life is good and that is a grand thing.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.