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FFI, week 55…

Friendly Fill-Ins, week 55

1. My idea of roughing it is being anywhere without the conveniences and comforts of home.


2. I never get sick of talking about…well, I can’t think of anything.


  1. My youth is in the past and that’s fine with me.


4. My “golden years” are here I guess, though it’s hard to believe it.


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FFI week 54…

Friendly Fill-Ins, week 54

  1. I have googled and though I am glad to have it as a resource I spend way too much time googling nonsense stuff.


2. I have been told I should sell the baby sweaters and blankets I crochet on Ebay. But that seems like a lot of work with a potential for big problems. Work and problems don’t interest me.


3. I think the earth is a wondrous place but I think the world is a mess.


4. I know someone who thinks she is always right about everything. But I know that’s not true because my thoughts are often different than hers and I am never wrong. haughty

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FFI, week 53…

Friendly Fill-Ins, week 53

cat-650481_6401. My favorite cereal is Cheerios, Rice Checks, Kellogs Corn Flakes, Quaker Oatmeal with maple and brown sugar. I couldn’t pick just one.

cat-55509_6402.My prom never happened. I left school before my junior year and so, no prom for me. 

red-tomcat-1615805_6403. The somewhat bothersome thing about never having married and not having kids is the stupid and usually rude questions strangers ask. I mean really, is it any of their business?

cat-2075273_6404. I cannot help wondering what it will be like to be living in the hereafter, but I guess I will find out one day. Hopefully in the distant future.

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#AtoZChallenge, K & FFI week 49

A to Z Challenge

K2016 is for K2016erflooey

The Way I See It

Sometimes my brain goes kerflooey and I get confused. Like yesterday. I posted my A to Z letter L post which as we all know should have been letter K because today is letter L day and K comes before L. And today I can’t find my letter K post. It’s gone. Of course, it was a brilliant post and of course, it cannot be rewritten because my brain is kerflooey and it’s late so this is it.  The way I see it…sometimes ya just gotta go with what is and not give what was meant to be too much thought or kerflooey will morph into kerfuffled and that is never good.

Friendly Fill-Ins, week 49

  1. An Easter (or Passover) tradition I have is nothing. I don’t have one.

2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is any kind that has chocolate in it.

  1. One of my favourite Easter/Passover memories is the year the Easter Bunny brought me a basket with a gun and holster in it and brought my brother a basket with bubble bath in it. Of course, the Easter Bunny meant for me to have the bubbles and my brother the gun but we were quite happy with the baskets we found and would not trade.

  1. My favourite Spring flower is daffodils. 


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2017 Badgea2z
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F2016 is for F2016riends
F2016riendly F2016ill-Ins

The Way I See It


Friends to me come in categories.
There are friends who are acquaintances;
people you know and occasionally see but really don’t know well.
I have lots of these friends.
There are friends who are work pals,
you rarely if ever see them outside of the workplace.
I have had some of these friends and it made working nicer.
Some friends are those who share an interest,
you like to go to concerts or shows, have the same hobby or favorite past time.
I have a few of these friends and always enjoy our time together.
Some people are friends during a season or time of life,
once the season or time is over they drift away.
Over the years I have had several of these friends and treasure the memories.
Then there are friends who are family,
sometimes they are closer than your family.
These friends are there for you whenever you need them
for whatever reason you need them.
They listen and don’t judge, don’t offer advice unless asked,
and then tell you like it is and if it hurts they will cry with you.
They will tell you when you are wrong in what
you are thinking or doing and offer to help you get back on track.
They will laugh with you but never at you.
You can tell them your secrets and they will never tell anyone else.
If time, distance, or circumstances separate you
when you are together again it is like you were never apart.
They share their hearts and lives with you because they love you.
I have a couple of friends like this and I am blessed beyond measure.
The way I see it…you need all kinds of friends.

 Friendly Fill-Ins, week 48

  1. I don’t understand why rap music is so popular. Maybe I don’t understand because I am not of the Rap generation.


2. My in-case-of-emergency person is two friends who are family to me. 


3. There is so much violence and hatred in the world and I just don’t get it!


4. I would be lost without friends, books, and my catkids.


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