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TToT week 4/14…

Ten Things of Thankful

  1. Another lunch with friends I haven’t seen in awhile! It was fun to catch up and share the happenings of life.
  2. I got new curtains for my bedroom. Got the old ones down just fine but had to call for help to get the rod and new curtains back in place. Never had this problem before, bummer. But a friend came to my rescue. The curtains are up and we had a nice visit.
  3. We have had a lot of windy weather lately but there was one day when there was no wind so I could spray paint some containers on my balcony. I love to spray paint!
  4. A couple more things crossed off the to-do list and no new things added…for now.
  5. Finalized kitchen cabinet design and measurements. Once all ordered the work should start late May early June. Exciting!
  6. I had a couple of bad mood days.  I am most thankful that no one was around to witness my anger.
  7. I have been reading a lot which is wonderful.  But sorry blog world, you are in second place just now. Sometimes I have to step away from the computer to get my “nice” back. But I do love reading about what is happening to my cyber friends and reading the stories and seeing the photos they share.
  8. Looking forward to getting some flowers planted. Flowers doing their thing on my balcony make me wonder at the beauty we are given to enjoy.
  9. Today is my big brudder’s birthday! I will be forever grateful for having such a wonderful brother.
  10. I get my new balcony this week…if it doesn’t rain and if it isn’t too windy. It is going to look so awesome!

So, that’s it for this week.
Even with a couple of not so nice days because of my attitude
it has been a week of blessings and beauty.

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Grateful · Ten Things of Thankful · whatever!

TToT this week…

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Three bookcases were donated to the library downstairs. Books are donated all the time and even with the occasional recycling, we have had more books than cases so the three added are a blessing.
  2. Adding the new bookcases to the library means the chair and ottoman have to go (but there is a sofa in there) and I know someone moving into their new home soon and they can use them.
  3. Sad to see the chair and ottoman go but someone donated four padded folding chairs we can use in the library. Interesting how needs are met so readily.
  4. Thankful for helpful neighbors who always come through when they are needed.
  5. A neighbor who uses a walker and sometimes a wheelchair fell getting out of the elevator. There was a workman in the lobby and saw her fall, called 911 and stayed with her until EMS got here. Once again a need is met! She is in rehab for six weeks and is doing well.
  6. I am thankful I found this blog world to be a part of and for the sweet and encouraging comments I receive about my posts. They make me happy.
  7. I am in good health and always have energy to do what I want or need to do.
  8. Catkids that amuse me, sometimes annoy me, and always are a source of happiness, company, and comfort.
  9. April warmth and sunshine and showers.
  10. Life is not always easy or fun but there is always joy.

Life is good!

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This week I celebrate friendship.


There are lots of different kinds of friends:

Those who are acquaintances, people you know but aren’t especially close to. The people you know for a time or season of life then they are gone. Some friends are those you work with and rarely see outside of work. There are the friends who call you when they need something and only you can help them. Some people just show up now and then and it’s great to see them.

There are also the best of friends who sometimes are really more family than friends and sometimes more family than your actual family. These are the ones you laugh with but you can also cry with them. These are the ones you can agree to disagree with and it doesn’t matter what the difference is you still love each other. These friends you can call anytime for any reason and they are there for you.


These are the friends who are priceless gifts from God.

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I am happy…

Celebrate the Small Things

I have spent this week with people who are miserable.  They are nice people and I like them but they are so very unhappy and angry. What a waste of energy! I did what I could to help the situation but they don’t want help. They like being upset and furious. So, now I am done.

For all the frustration I was feeling I had something confirmed.
I am a happy person!happy I have a good life and I know it and I am ever so grateful. Life isn’t perfect. There are problems. Just getting older is a problem, old folks move from general body maintenance to repairs and that is not fun at all. But you have to be thankful that you’re still above ground.

In a couple of weeks, all this neighborly anger will come to a head and one group will win and one will lose. I am more on the side of one than the other but whatever is decided will be “the rules” and I will deal with it.

So, this week I am celebrating that I am happy…
and my maintenance is holding with a few repairs.
Life is good…except when it isn’t then I take a nap.

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A good week…

Celebrating the Small Things


  • Several months ago I had cataract surgery on both eyes and today I went to the ophthalmologist to get the final exam. Everything is good. My distance vision is 20-20 and with “cheater” glasses I can see to read and do close work fine. Now I will just go once a year for a check-up. \O/ Definitely something to celebrate!
  • The other thing to celebrate is that today it was a cool 94*. I know that is still hot but not as bad as the 100+* we have been having all summer.
  • One more thing…I lost the five pounds I gained and now back at my goal weight.

A good week!

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