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N = name…

Have you wondered what your given
N2016ame means and if it fits you?

I have.
For the first years of my life, I was called Pat.
I never really liked Pat but it beat the heck
out of Patty or Patsy.

When in my mid-years I got a job in sales
and had to have business cards.
I decided to use my given N2016ame, Patricia,
on the cards because it better described me.
I thought using Pat was not defining enough;
it could be a man or woman’s name.
That’s when I had the realization that
I like my N2016ame, Patricia.
From then on I have been Patricia.

Patricia means patrician or noble.
I am not sure that the definition fits me.
I would like to think it does at least a little.

I did have two family nickN2016ames.
Daddy called me PJ and Ma called me Queenie.
Those are really my favorite N2016ames
but I don’t hear them anymore.
They are of the past.

That is my post for the letter

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Crayons · history · Two Shoes Tuesday

All about crayons…

Two Shoes Tuesday prompt today is


The only crayons I have heard of or seen
(or what my ditsy brain remembers)
is Crayola Crayons.

Crayola Crayons have a 99% recognition among U.S. households.
Makes sense to me.
Have you heard of another crayon brand?

In 1903, Alice Binney, wife of the company founder’s son, Edwin, named the crayons Crayola.
The name is derived from the French word for chalk, craie, and ola for oleaginous.
This was when the first box of eight was introduced.
In 1904, the company won a Gold Medal at the St Louis World’s Expo.


The Binney folks were founding members of the
Crayon, Watercolor, and Craft Institute
to promote product safety in art materials in 1936.
Yay, them!

1948 saw them start teacher workshops and in-school training
to show the many ways Crayola products can be used..
Smart peeps

The box of 48 with stadium seating is unveiled in 1949.
Crayola_1st_No48_open1956 and the 64 color assortment with built-in sharpener
was on store shelves

and in 1993 the 96 crayon box was for sale.

Box of crayons

The 100 billionth crayon was produced in 1998.
A 2001 poll found that blue is the favorite color.
Just plain old blue.

Child Magazine named the Crayola Crayon Maker.
the Best Toy of the Year in 2002.
Now kids could melt the “leftolas”  and make new crayons.
This was also the year the
Twistable and Erasable Crayons were introduced.

Happy100th Birthday Crayola Crayons!

Not only does the company make kids, teachers, babysitters and parents
happy they are also making environmentalists happy.
In 2010 with two partner companies they opened Phase 1
of a Solar Farm.
The Solar Farm produces enough energy to make
1 billion crayons and reduces greenhouse gas
by 3,800 tons per year.
You rule Crayola!

If you really want some crayons then this is the box for you
512px-Crayola-Tower-Pack150 crayons for your coloring pleasure.

And that ends my post using the prompt crayon.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.