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I = igloo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like
to live in an I2016.jpggloo?

I may have wondered at some time but
it is not something I ever want to experience.
Call me a big baby but I like comfort and warmth.

I looked up I2016gloo on Wikipedia and learned quite a bit
about them.  The most interesting thing was the inside
temperature can get as high as 61* from body heat.
I also learned that the sleeping quarters are near the top because
heat rises and when the place gets warm there is some melting.
It’s ok for some melting because when the bodies leave taking
their heat with them the temperature goes back to freezing
and the walls become stronger when new ice forms.

There was more info but there was nothing about bathrooms.
Are there bathrooms in I2016gloos?
I mean really, do they have indoor or outdoor facilities?
Truthfully, neither sounds comfortable.
I would consider this type of I2016gloo.
It looks warm and comfortable.
But I don’t know about the bathroom.

That’s my post for the letter

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Snow igloo 
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It says love…

I am linking to
From Ordinary To Artistic

Artistic? Probably not.


Ordinary? No way!

This rocking chair that now sits in my guest room
was given to my Gramma by Joe, my Grampa.
I don’t know why we called him Joe, it wasn’t his name.
Anyway, he gave it to Gramma 95 years ago
when she was pregnant with her first child, my mother.
In this chair, she rocked her two children
and seven grandchildren.
It is no ordinary chair.
To me, it says LOVE.




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Home past and present…

The prompt for In Other Words this week

“A house is a home when it
shelters the body and comforts the soul.”
Phillip Moffitt

The Past


place, building
unhappy, silent, stifling
angry, wary, alone, cold

The Present


cozy nest
sheltering, comforting, nurturing
content, warm, calm, peaceful

In Other Words
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Strangers in our place…

There are strangers in our place.


Mama says it’s okay, but I am not so sure.
They are poking into things that don’t belong to them.
Mama says they are doing a survey of the building
and she is letting them look in here.

I don’t know how to count so I can’t tell you how many there are,
but there are a lot of people in here and it is crowded.
I don’t know what a survey is either just that it involves nosy people.

Teddy is in the bedroom under the quilt.  He is afraid of strangers.
I better go check on him.


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It’s a messy jumble…

                                                        I am joining
closetTwo Shoes Tuesday
the prompt is

clutter filled
my hall closet
astonishingly, assorted, muddled, miscellany

I could have used the word junk
but jumble sounds nicer.
No, I am not going to show you a picture with the door open!

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.