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Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special
guest challenger Suzanne at Art and Life has this prompt for us


My entry is maybe a bit of a cheat as it is not really an abstract photo.
It is a photo of a mixed media abstract painting I have in my guest room.
It was one of the first things I bought for my condo twenty years ago.


It seems every time I look at it I see something different.
Often what I see depends on my mood
or what is happening in my life.

I am sorry I don’t know who the artist is so I cannot
give credit where credit is due.
If anyone does know email me and I will acknowledge him/her here.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
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Furniture and life…

I am linking to
Two Shoes Tuesday
the prompt this week is


I have worked in furniture stores for over 20 years.  When I first went to work selling furniture all I knew about furniture was what I liked and didn’t like. Over the years, I learned a lot!  How things are made, what to look for in construction and materials. That high price doesn’t always mean quality, but cheap does usually mean lack of quality. Most people don’t have a clue what they like, some think it is a pain to buy furniture, and others find the process interesting and fun. There are those who just want something to fill the space and don’t care what it looks like or if it fits their lifestyle. Then there are those that only care about what it looks like, that it is the thing to have now and if it has the right “name” on it.  Most people have a budget and sometimes it isn’t realistic and for some people a budget isn’t even considered.  I also learned that it doesn’t matter what I like, everyone is different and there really aren’t rights and wrongs. Well, sometimes there are wrongs but we won’t go there now.


Some things I learned about myself while working in furniture stores:
I have a “style”, sort of shabby chic but not really, traditional with a contemporary feel.  I like color but have learned to tame it a bit…same with pattern.  I like comfort if something isn’t comfortable I don’t want it.  It is important to me that my home be a place that is welcoming and has a peace about it. A place you can put your feet up and relax. For me, a home must be cozy, comfortable, calm, a sanctuary from the craziness of the outside world.

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

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Red, Thursday’s Special…

I am joining Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special
the prompt is



This is my ice cream bowl.
I think it looks like a happy bowl.
I know it makes me happy.
It is the perfect size for three scoops of goodness
and my hands don’t get cold because it has that little foot.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
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The city where I live…

This week’s prompt for
52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

The City You Live In

This is the city where I live.
It is a small city that thinks it is a big city.
It has the usual city problems but overall it is a good place to live.


I have had good and bad times here…mostly good.
When I moved here I had family here but they are gone now.
There are people who have welcomed me into their lives.
They are wonderful friends, some have become family.

I am grateful for the people who have become friends and family.
They have made this city a good place for me to live.

When I moved here I thought I would stay
a couple of years then move back home.
I have lived here 36 years.
So, I guess this is home now.

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Button jars…

 Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special
prompt this week:



When I was a child my grandmothers and mother had button jars.
I think almost every woman had one.
When something was ready for the rag box the buttons were taken off and saved.
If something was made at home and new buttons bought,
at the five and dime store, the extras went into the button jar.

I don’t think women have button jars anymore…or rag boxes.
I don’t have a rag box but, I do have a button jar.
The picture is of the buttons from my jar.
Some of the buttons are from gramma’s jar, some from mom’s and some
are extras that come with sweaters, shirts, and blouses that I buy.

When I was little I would sort through the button jars.
It was like the buttons were jewels and kind of magical.
Sometimes I sort through the buttons I have.
They are like magical jewels bringing sweet memories to mind.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.
Click on the sphere to see more pictures.