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L = laughter…


Have you had a L2016.jpgaugh today?

I have had several L2016aughs today.
None of them was the big roaring out loud kind.
They were more like chortles or chuckles.

It doesn’t matter what kind of  L2016aughter it is
as long as it is not unkind or at someone’s expense.
Nothing is truly humorous if it hurts.

I am not saying that every day is fun or happy.
On some days, L2016aughing seems impossible or out of place.
But those days are when L2016aughs  are most important.

If there is no L2016aughter in your day love is hiding.
That is never a good thing.
L2016aughing keeps love alive and well.
It keeps the heart beating.


Go ahead have a L2016augh.
It’s good for the heart.

That’s my post for the letter

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H = help…

Have you ever needed  some

I have…and do right now!
I have been pondering what to write for today’s
challenge letter H2016.
I have come up with nothing!

It seems I am in a state of H2016ebetude.
So, I have decided to simply leave this
H2016okey, H2016o-H2016um, H2016ackneyed
attempt to write a challenge worthy post.
Now I am going to H2016it the H2016ay.

That’s my post for the letter

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G = giraffe…


Have you ever been told that you make people think of

I have!
Not that I look like a G2016iraffe but that I make them think of one.
There is a difference! Really!
I don’t have horns, spots, a tail, or hooves.
When I was young and a skinny-minny
my neck and legs looked really long…not so much now…
my knees were kinda knobby…and still are…
and my ears stick out just a tad…then and now.

Then there is the slender gracefulness that somehow
comes across as comical.
And the inquisitive expression that is funny.

Not long ago, I mentioned to a friend how in my youth
I reminded people of a G2016iraffe.
She thought a minute and said she could see why.
Seems she agrees.

It doesn’t bother me this strange resemblance
to a G2016iraffe that I apparently have.
It could be worse.
I knew someone who reminded me of Porky Pig.

Really, who couldn’t fall in love with that face?
That’s my post for the letter

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A = aging…

pixie-1087034_640Have you ever thought about
aging ?

I didn’t when I was young.
Oh, I knew old people,
anyone who was a real adult was old in my eyes,
I couldn’t imagine that someday I would
look and think like them.

I’m not talking about celebrities but regular old people
like parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, doctors and teachers.
Now that I am of a certain age it amazes me how young these people are.
Babies are having babies!
And don’t get me started on doctors!
I mean really when did they get so young?
Isn’t there an  age requirement to get a medical license?

Well, I have aged and though I am told I don’t look my age
I know what I look like first thing in the morning and last thing at night
and it ain’t pretty.  Not ugly but definitely old.

It’s okay.
Well, it isn’t really okay but in life if you don’t age you’re dead.

That’s my post for the letter

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What Willie thought…

TLT photo prompt by Liam Desic

When Willie saw all the colorful flags blowing in the wind he thought, at last, they were going someplace fun and exciting like the circus with acrobats and clowns, tigers and elephants. But once again his parents disappointed him. Oh, it was a circus of sorts but not a fun one just another used car dealer’s place full of junkers.

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Adult disguise…

In Other Words

“Another belief of mine:
that everyone else my age is an adult,
whereas I am in disguise.”
Margaret Atwood

aroni-738287_640I know that a person my age is an adult.  I cannot deny I am an adult.  I look like an adult and for the most part, I behave like an adult.  I have  worked forever and I am now semi-retired so that makes me old and old people are adults.

I am a grown-up because I am bigger than a child, take care of myself, own my apartment, have a job, pay bills, grumble and complain, have aches and pains.  But I have a hard time taking all that information and equating it with being an adult.

I think I am a much younger person whose body has sped past her true heart and mind. I resemble an adult but really I am a quasi-adult and I am quite happy with that.  I would be even happier if the body part would slow down a bit…my disguise is beginning to look somewhat worn.

In Other Words
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