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Thursday, thankful A to Z…

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Why I am thankful

A.  I don’t have to have all the Answers
B.  Books, Blogs, and Bubble Baths
C.  Chocolate, Cookies, and Coke
D.  Daydreams
E.  there is always Enough
F.  Family, Friends, and Friends who are Family
G.  Generosity
H.  my Home
I.  Instrumental music that relaxes me
J.  Jesus
K.  Kindness
L.  Laughter
M.  my Microwave
N.  Netflix and Naps
O.  that I have lived long enough to be Old and it’s Okay
P.   I have all my Parts…minus a couple of teeth…and most of my Parts work well
Q.  the Quality of life that I have
R.  Resiliency…I always bounce back
S.   Silence that restores me
T.  Technology and Teddy…both can be bothersome and frustrating but overall they add fullness to life
U.  an Uncomplicated life
V.  the View from my balcony that changes with the seasons
W.  Working part-time…for and with people I like
X.  there are no eXtremes in my life
Y.  I survived my Youth and its foolishness
Z.   Z’s with sweet dreams

Today, I think I have a good life and I am thankful.


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Tuesday, N is for nobody better…


Okay people, this letter of the A to Z Challenge is a stretch. But with good reason so bear with me.

I am a kid sister which means I have a big brother.
When it comes to big brothers I lucked out big time!
And today is his birthday!

He is 8 years older than me which when you are kids is a lot of years.
From what I have heard a lot of big brothers out there pretty much ignore their kid sisters.
How sad.

My big brother never ignored me.  Sometimes he took with him when he went places.
Like when we would sometimes go to this soda shop kinda place on Saturdays.
It was sort of like Arnold’s on Happy Days.  A place where the big kids went.  And sometimes me.

It was very exciting and lots of fun sitting in the booth having a coke or milkshake with my big brother and his friends.
Even though I usually didn’t have a clue what they were talking about it was great being with the big kids.
They were so grown up, you know!

I don’t know if big brother knew just how special those “dates” were.
But I am going to send this to him so now he will know.
There is nobody better than my big brother.

Happy Birthday, Bobby!
I love you.
Yes, you are still Bobby to me.

me and bobby

Today, I think everybody will understand that N is for Nobody’s better than my Big Brudder, Bobby.

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Saturday, love love love tee-shirts…

Yesterday I wrote about my love/hate relationship with shoes.  Today I write about what I love love love to wear.


Yep, the lowly, casual, comfy, cotton tee-shirt.  Tee-shirts are about all I wear on top.  Bottoms are another story, skirts, pants, jeans, capris, and shorts are in my wardrobe.  Although, rarely does anyone see me in shorts.  I spare the world that sight and pretty much stay secluded when wearing them.

Usually, twice a year I buy a bunch of tee-shirts.  Crew, vee, boat, square, and scoop neck,  sometimes with a collar, and in all colors of the rainbow. I like them plain or with designs, pleated or plain, embellished and bedazzled, if tastefully done, of course. I prefer 100% cotton but I will fudge on that sometimes. Only strict rule I have as to style is that the tee has three-quarter or long sleeves. No sleeveless or short-sleeved tees for me. It’s those arm wingy thingies that every woman prays to be spared that, sadly, I have been cursed with.

I have been blessed with good skin so I try not to whine too much about my flapper wapper wings. At least they can be somewhat camouflaged.  I do my best not to share the unsightly appendages.

I have not purchased my summer stock yet.  Maybe today will be the day.

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Tuesday, putt, putter, puttser…

In an earlier post (Saturday, April 16th) I wrote about how I am really good at doing nothing, and that is true.  I am also very good at what I call puttsering.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the Englis...
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The American Heritage Dictionary says; to putter is to be active without effect.  To putt is to hit the ball to push into a hole.

Patricia says; to puttser is to move (self or things) around randomly and aimlessly, with no particular goal in mind other than to be active with the effect of enjoying yourself.

So, to puttser in my mind is a good thing.  There are days I spend hours puttsering in stores, just wandering and looking and enjoying myself.  Some days I puttser at home.  Often, when I puttser at home I do accomplish something but that is not the important part. The important part is simply to be present in the puttser of the day without thought for the next day.

There are those folks who would think to puttser is a waste of time, like puttering.  Not so.  One has not wasted time when at the end of puttsering one feels happy and at peace.  This is always the result of a good puttser.  If one does not feel good after a day of puttser it has been done wrong.  It does take practice to be a good puttser, keep at it you will improve your puttser skills with practice and time.

To puttser is a good thing. I plan to spend my day off, today, puttsering.  It’s going to be a great day.